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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Conspiracy to Commit a Crime in Denver, Colorado – How You Can Be Charged With a Crime You Didn’t Commit

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Definition of Conspiracy to Commit a Crime in Denver and Douglas County, Colorado

The Douglas County Definition of Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, C.R.S. 18-2-201, provides that “A person commits conspiracy to commit a crime if, with the intent to promote or facilitate its commission, he agrees with another person or persons that they, or one or more of them, will engage in conduct which constitutes a crime or an attempt to commit a crime, or he agrees to aid the other person or persons in the planning or commission of a crime or of an attempt to commit such crime.” People in Denver, Colorado do not always realize that this means they can be charged with a crime they didn’t commit. Helping out in any way is sufficient to be charged.

Arapahoe County Co-Conspirator in a Robbery Example

In simpler words, if you are involved in the planning of a crime or played a role in helping commit the crime, you can be charged with that crime. For example, if you were the driver in a gas station robbery in Arapahoe County, but stayed in the car and never even entered the gas station, you would still be charged with the robbery, as a co-conspirator.

Misdemeanor Theft Charges Turned to Armed Robbery as a Co-Defendant

Yesterday, I saw a news story about a teen, with no previous record, being sentenced to 5 years in prison over a pair of sneakers. The teen is now 18, but was 15 at the time of the crime. He arranged a meeting with a boy who was selling an expensive pair of Nike shoes. While the teen  may have planned to steal the shoes, what he didn’t plan on was that his co-conspiratorwould pull out a gun. Suddenly, what would have been a misdemeanor theft charge, turned into an armed robbery. The teen became a co-defendant and co-conspirator to his friend’s crime. Worse still, he was charged as an adult even though the crime took place when he was a juvenile (Read Davis’ Story).

Difference Between Co-Conspirator and Co-Defendant in Adams County

What is the difference between a Co-Conspirator and Co-Defendant? If you and someone else are charged with breaking the law, in the same case in Adams County, you and that person are considered Co-Defendants. If you and a friend planned a crime, and acted on that crime, you are considered Co-Conspirators.

Jefferson County Defense Attorney for Conspiring to Commit a Crime

If you are being charged with Conspiring to Commit a Crime, you need an experienced Defense Attorney. Prosecutors in Jefferson County will want to punish you severely, even if the crime was never committed. Things don’t always go as planned, and you could be charged with a  much more severe crime than intended, at no fault of your own.  Call us today at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.