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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Innocent With False Allegations of Committing a Crime? Denver Lawyers

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False Allegations Against the Innocent are Common in Jefferson County

False Allegations against people have become common, as police are too worried about criticism for not filing charges. In Jefferson County, we see Lakewood Police and Arvada police arresting men and women on the mere word of an angry neighbor or ex-friend. When False Reporting causes your arrest, remain silent and never speak with police.

Lies to Police About You Committing a Crime? Get an Aggressive Adams County Defense Attorney

We see neighbors who have become ex-friends, and lovers after a break up, who call Adams County Police and accuse an innocent person. Revenge police calls are a particular favorite of lower income women who are also looking for drama in their lives. They see the excitement of “victims” on TV, and they want some attention for themselves from police. After they call police and report their lies, they tweet and post their “story” for all to see. Sympathy and attention soon follow.

Innocent People + False Allegations + Fearful Cops = Your Arrest in Arapahoe County

In Arapahoe County, many innocent people are the object of false allegations. Add in fearful cops who don’t want to get into trouble for turning down a “victim,” and you can find yourself in the Arapahoe County Jail or the El Paso County Jail. No evidence is needed – just the word of a drama queen. Innocent people can obtain justice, but they must get help from someone who knows the court rules and the weaknesses of the District Attorney.

Why are Douglas County Police Fearful and Don’t Investigate False Reporting?

In Castle Rock, Parker and Highlands Ranch, Douglas County police are only required to settle the matter with an arrest. Instead of a full investigation, we have heard fearful police say they will let the DA sort it out and DA’s say they will let the jury sort it out. That way, DA’s and cops can sleep soundly, knowing no one will complain to their bosses if a jury decides the accused was innocent. A good defense lawyer will see that the case is fully investigated.

Denver False Allegations? Our Private Investigators do a Full Investigation to Prove You are Innocent

Proving you are innocent is everything to us when you are facing false allegations in Denver or Greenwood Village. We have a team of private investigators to fully investigate the case and talk to ALL of the witnesses – not just those supporting your alleged victim.

Call our criminal defense lawyers 24/7 at 303-731-0719. We even do affordable jail visits to start your defense immediately. Together, we can protect your future.