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How do You Commit Reckless Endangerment in Colorado?

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Reckless Endangerment in Douglas County, Colorado – Gun Firing Indoors

Defense lawyers know there is no precise way to commit Reckless Endangerment in Douglas County, Colorado. Really. The definition can apply to anything you are doing, and you will usually not know it is too dangerous until it is too late. We usually see this charge in Douglas County, when someone accidently fires a gun indoors.

Definition of Reckless Endangerment in Arapahoe County and Aurora, Colorado

C.R.S. 18-3-208 defines Reckless Endangerment in Arapahoe County as: A person who recklessly engages in conduct which creates a substantial risk of serious bodily injury to another person commits reckless endangerment, which is a class 3 misdemeanor. Police don’t normally charge someone unless another person is injured or the conduct is very extreme, like a firearm shot inside an apartment complex.

Examples of Jefferson County Reckless Endangerment, C.R.S. 18-3-208

Examples of Reckless Endangerment in Jefferson County are not that difficult to imagine. Consider the person who shoots a gun in his backyard, with houses nearby. How about the lady who rear-ends another car while she is texting on her phone? A boy throwing rocks at passing cars would get this charge. A mother who let’s her young kids out on a 3rd story balcony without supervision could easily get this crime. More Examples of Reckless Endangerment.

Reckless Endangerment Occurs Every Day in Adams County, Colorado: Guns and Cars

We all do things which are unsafe in Adams County. We can’t predict what might happen and until someone is injured, police don’t come to our door and charge us with Reckless Endangerment. Cleaning a firearm or gun inside the house is dangerous. No one plans for the gun to accidently fire. But, when we are tired or distracted, a bullet might accidently be in the chamber and we don’t realize it is there. Leaving your car running while you retrieve a forgotten item inside is another example.

Denver Lawyer for Reckless Endangerment Charges – Call for Help

We have been defending against charges of Reckless Endangerment for over 25 years in Denver and across Colorado. Let’s be real, bad things happen. Because they do, does not mean you are guilty of a crime. We can use our experience to make sure your criminal history is not clouded by this crime.

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