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When? Get Out of Jail in Denver

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When Can I Get a Friend Out of Jail in Arapahoe County?

When you can get a friend out of jail in Arapahoe County depends on the type of crime. Some criminal cases are seen as higher risk, so they require extra care. This might include the posting of a bond, a Protection Order, or Pretrial Services. The timing of a release from jail will be affected by what the particular case needs in terms of court intervention for these purposes. How to Post a Bond at Jail.

How Long Does it Take for Someone to Get Out of the Denver County Jail?

Once someone appears before a judge and is given their Protection Order, pretrial services or a bond, the Denver Jail and the policies of the Denver County Jail determine the timing of their release. The Denver Jail is an embarrassment to our state’s judicial system. We have seen people held for no reason by the jail for two days after the judge set bail. How to Get Someone Out of Jail Fast.

In Jefferson County, How Long Does it Usually Take for Someone to Bond Out of Jail?

Jefferson County Courts and the Jefferson County Jail usually do a pretty good job a letting someone bond out of jail and get released. On average, we’d estimate it takes around six hours for someone to leave the jail after their bail / bond has been posted. If you are arrested on a Friday or Saturday, you may be waiting until Monday to appear before a judge. We have seen times when the jail has a judge come in on Sunday.

Why do They Keep You in Jail in Adams County, Colorado?

Usually, you are arrested and kept in jail until the court feels comfortable that your risk can be minimized and that you can post a bond to ensure you will appear at your next court date. A bond is the best way for judges to ensure your appearance. A defense lawyer’s job is to convince the judge to let you out.

Douglas County Jail Release After an Arrest

If you seem unsafe to a Douglas County judge, they will put you on Pretrial release, order a large bond, make you wear a GPS tracking device or order a SCRAM unit to monitor your alcohol consumption. Pretrial Services may require a urine or pee test to be sure you are not using drugs while out.

Getting someone out of a Colorado jail is sometimes a waiting game. It is helpful to have a Defense Attorney there to help keep the bond reasonable. Call our Criminal Defense Lawyers at 303-731-0719 today. Together, we can protect your future.