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Burglary Three Types: C.R.S. 18-4-202, 18-4-203 and 18-4-204

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What is Burglary’s Definition in Adams County Colorado?

A person can be charged with Burglary in Adams County when he or she is accused of “unlawfully breaking into a dwelling or other enclosure,” like a safe, “with the intent to commit a crime other than trespassing”. The underlying other crime does not matter, but it must be proven that the person intended to commit another crime (not Burglary) once they got inside the house or building. Theft is the most common underlying crime that those who are charged with burglary are also accused of. If the person breaking into a building was doing it simply to stay warm, only Trespassing should be filed. Aggressive prosecutors will file both Burglary and Trespassing, to see which sticks. Burglary vs. Theft – How Different?

Three Types of Burglary Charged in Jefferson County Colorado

There are three types of Burglary charged in Jefferson County, Colorado. Which type depends on what separate crime a person intends to commit once inside (like theft, assault, or criminal mischief), whether weapons are used, and whether a person is assaulted or menaced during the burglary. All three are listed under C.R.S. 18-4-202, 18-4-203, & 18-4-204. Here are the three types of Burglary:

Third Degree Burglary, Second Degree Burglary and First Degree Burglary in Douglas County Colorado

3rd – Third Degree Burglary occurs when someone is accused of having broken into a safe, vault, or locked container in order to commit a crime, like Theft. 2nd – Second Degree Burglary is charged when someone enters any building or occupied structure, with the intent to commit any crime against a person or property – including Vandalism. 2nd Degree Burglary rises to a class 3 felony if it involves a home, apartment or where someone lives. The most serious form of Burglary is 1st – First Degree Burglary. It is charged in Parker, Colorado when someone enters a structure with the intention of committing a crime against property or a person, like Murder, Assault, or Menacing in Douglas County. Any Burglary conviction will have a negative impact on employment and housing. It is legal for employers and landlords to discriminate based on a criminal record.

Denver’s Best Burglary Criminal Defense Attorneys

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