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DUI / DWAI Breathalyzer & Blood Test Inaccuracies in Denver, Colorado

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Denver County Lawyer for DUI / DWAI Blood and Breath Tests

Police officers like those in Denver County are always searching for methods to make their jobs easier and ways to justify their DUI / DWAI charges. As the technological world progresses, along comes advanced mechanisms like Breathalyzers and Blood Tests, that are not as accurate, reliable, or carefully monitored as those in the Colorado judicial system would lead you to believe. Our criminal Defense Lawyers are experienced in recognizing false readings. Difference Between DUI and DWAI.

Breathalyzer and PBT Test Inaccuracy Level in Adams County and Jefferson County

Most people are familiar with the Breathalyzer Test: when police officers request that a driver consent to blowing into a device which estimates the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in the person’s breath. What a lot of people are not aware of, is that this test and the roadside PBT (Portable Breath Test) can be inaccurate. False readings can occur in Adams County and Jefferson County with raised body temperature (affected by emotional and/or physical stress, the weather, or current health), the presence of chemicals that resemble ethyl alcohol, or even things as simple as certain cough syrups, foods, and mouth washes.

DUI Breathalyzer Machine Results Inadmissible for Over a Year in Colorado

The inaccuracy level of a device might also be affected by the lack of thorough testing and approval. In a recent case, the Colorado State Health Department was under investigation after “knowingly producing falsified certificates attesting to the accuracy of Breathalyzer machines in court” (Denver Post). In this case, the judge ruled that the machine’s results were “inadmissible as evidence because state regulators falsified certificates attesting to their accuracy for 18 months” potentially affecting “All Colorado DUI cases from July 2015 to January 2017 that include test results from the Intoxilyzer-9000 machines used in police stations and jails statewide.” This is just one striking example of how inaccuracies and lack of methodical practices at the hands of people in authority can result in falsified implications of people like you.

Drug and Alcohol Tests in Douglas County – Flawed System

Some people might prefer a printout from a machine as evidence over the testimony of an officer looking to get a pat-on-the-back for an impressive arrest record in Douglas County. But what are we to do when the machine results, or those creating and authorizing said-machine, can’t be trusted? Scientific results should be more reliable, and the people authorizing the machines should follow protocols. But until a better system is in place, and those in authority are held to a higher standard and more closely monitored, our lawyers are here for you. We want to make sure that you are treated fairly and only have honest and accurate evidence used in your trial.

If you are facing DUI/DWAI charges, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and contact our experienced lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.