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What is the Difference Between Arraignment and Advisement in Denver Courts? A Criminal Lawyer’s Explanation

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What is Arraignment in Denver Courts? A Douglas County Criminal Lawyer’s Explanation

Arraignment in Denver and Douglas County courts is a hearing where someone enters their plea to a criminal charge. Your choices are to plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. It is always best to have a criminal defense attorney present when you enter your plea, because a plea is final and cannot be changed later. A defense lawyer will help you understand whether pleading guilty to a charge is best. For example, you might want to “accept responsibility,” and plead guilty to domestic violence assault. This would have lifetime negative consequences. If you’d had a defense lawyer, they might advise you to plead guilty to domestic violence harassment instead, which would be ok with the prosecutor and spare you many negative consequences. Court hearings in Criminal Cases.

What is Advisement in Jefferson County Colorado Court? Getting Your Rights

Advisement is the first court appearance you will have in a Jefferson County, Colorado court. It involves the court giving you your rights, the charges against you, and potential penalties. Generally, you are supposed to be advised of your rights very quickly – at the next possible court date – sometimes on a weekend.

Arraignment vs. Advisement in Arapahoe County Courts – When do They Occur?

Many people use the term Arraignment interchangeably with the term Advisement in Arapahoe County and Aurora courts. This is not accurate and creates confusion. Arraignment is where you enter your plea to the charges, and that plea is permanent. Your main hearings and their order, are:

· Advisement Hearing

· Bond Hearing

· Arraignment (next, go directly to sentencing if you plead guilty)

· Motions Hearing

· Trial

· Sentencing

Advisement Hearing in Adams County is Often Combined with a Bond Hearing

It is important for anyone arrested to quickly get advised of their charges and a bond or bail amount. So, courts usually combine the two. You get advised of your charges and potential penalties, and then the judge decides your bond / bail amount to get released from the Adams County Jail.

Important things happen at Arraignment and Advisement Hearings in Denver area courts. You may not get a chance to change your plea and will be stuck with all the consequences of a guilty plea. Never risk your criminal record by guessing what to do. Get a criminal defense lawyer’s help by calling 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.