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How To Get Someone Out of Jail – Fast Release from the Arapahoe County Jail After Arrested

| Feb 6, 2018 | Jail |


Arrested Person Release from the Denver County Jail

When your friend is arrested and taken to the Denver County Jail, you want to know your options fast. Release of an inmate from jail is normally accomplished by posting a bond or bail. Bond amounts are decided by a judge before or after someone is arrested, depending on the type of case. Bail is the cash amount you can post yourself, and Bond often involves the use of a bail-bondsman to post large amounts of money.

Probation Officer, Probation Revocation Arrest and Release from the Arapahoe County Jail

When someone is arrested by their Arapahoe County probation officer, it is usually because they are accused of violating the terms and conditions of their probation sentence. This might involve committing a new criminal offense, drinking or using drugs, missing treatment classes, or not attending probation appointments. Usually, you can post a bond to get this person released until their hearing.

Douglas County Release from Jail After a Sentence is Given by the Judge

When someone has been sentenced to the Douglas County Jail, it is more difficult to get them released until they have served their full sentence. Generally, they can only get out early for work release, on a furlough for something special like the death of a close relative, or for treatment not available in jail.

Getting Someone Out of the Adams County Jail

If your family member has been arrested in Adams County, they will go to the Adams County Jail in Brighton. Typically, they can be released after seeing a judge who will set the bond amount. In some cases for more minor crimes, they can be bonded out before seeing a judge. All a friend needs to do is go to the jail and post a bond. Be ready for the jail’s $40 booking fee and a $10 bond fee – which can be refunded if all charges are dismissed. How do you post bail or bond at the Adams County Jail?

Getting out of a Colorado jail is critical to get back to work and earn money to pay important bills like your rent, mortgage or car payments. Call our criminal defense lawyers at 303-731-0719 today. Together, we can protect your future.