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What is the Difference Between Bail and Bond in Denver, Colorado Jails?

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Denver Bail / Bond Differences for Court and Jail Release

The difference between Bail and Bond may seem minimal if you watch enough TV in Denver. After all, they both result in your release if you are Bailed out or Bonded out from the Denver County Jail. While appearing the same, there are subtle, but important differences in Bail / Bond. Let’s unpack these.

What is Bail in Jefferson County, Colorado Courts and the Jefferson County Jail?

Bail is the monetary amount a judge sets for your release from the Jefferson County Jail. At first, it is set as a scheduled amount (decided by judges long before your case starts), but this amount can be increased or decreased by a judge after: 1) speaking with the detective who obtains an arrest warrant for you, or 2) in court following your arrest, during a Bail / Bond Hearing argument from defense attorneys and district attorneys. This Bail amount can be posted by you, your family or a friend. How to Get Out of Jail with a Bail / Bond.

What is Bond in the Douglas County, Colorado Jail and Courts?

The process of posting a Bail amount by a Bondsman at the Douglas County Jail, is called Bond. Bail / Bonds are normally backed by a bail bond company – like a large insurance company. Since a bondsman or bondswoman does not have to actually post a cash Bail, they call it a Bond.

Arapahoe County Bail – Bondsman: How do They Charge People?

The bonding company will normally charge 15% of the Bail to post Arapahoe County Bonds under $10,000, and 10% for Bonds over $10,000. For very large Bonds, the 10% can be negotiated down a bit. The amount you pay is called the Bond premium, which is like a nonrefundable rental fee for the Bail / Bond. A bondsman will require a cosigner with good credit or real estate, to sign on your behalf. If you don’t come to court and the bond is revoked, the bondsman will come after you (with a bounty hunter) and your cosigner’s assets.

What is a Property Bond Adams County, Colorado Courts and Jails?

A Property Bond is a lien on real estate, like a house or business property. The person applying for a Property Bond must have sufficient equity in the real estate, usually 1.5X the amount of the Bail / Bond. Equity is figured by the property value less any liens or encumbrances on the real estate. Courts will require proof of the value of the house or business property and proof of its lien status.

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