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Unintentional Indecent Exposure in Jefferson County, Colorado – Defense Lawyer Help

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Jefferson County, Colorado Indecent Exposure Charges – Inside Your Own House?

Is it possible to be charged with Indecent Exposure, C.R.S. 18-7-302, inside your own house? Absolutely. Jefferson County, Colorado district attorneys will charge you anywhere you are – even if it is inside your own home. You must be careful of this broad charge, which can result in sex offender registration, jail and eventually prison.

Definition of Indecent Exposure – Douglas County and Castle Rock Courts.

The definition of Indecent Exposure consists of elements, or parts of the crime. Here is the definition:

  • Knowingly exposes his or her genitals to the view of any person
  • Under circumstances likely to cause affront or alarm
  • With the intent to arouse or satisfy a sexual desire

You can also get arrested for Indecent Exposure if someone says they saw you knowingly performed an act if masturbation under circumstances likely to cause affront or alarm. These two definitions raise important concerns. Consequences of Indecent Exposure Arrest.

Accidental Exposure of Intimate Parts for Indecent Exposure in Denver?

While the definition of Indecent Exposure includes the requirement of “knowingly”, police don’t normally concern themselves with this element in an accidental exposure. They will arrest you and figure out how to allege that element later. Since juries are normally judgmental about sex cases, they only require a very minimal showing of intent. Imagine answering the door in a towel or lose fitting clothing. If you are visible, even by accident, you would be charged.

Difference Between Indecent Exposure and Public Indecency in Arapahoe County, Colorado?

The general difference between Indecent Exposure and Public Indecency in Arapahoe County, is when you are accused of exposing your genitals with the purpose of sexual arousal. With Public Indecency, you don’t need sexual arousal intent. With most Indecent Exposure cases, you need the intent to satisfy yourself sexually.

Adams County Charges of Indecent Exposure – Defense Attorney Strategy

We typically approach charges of Indecent Exposure in Adams County carefully, considering what would be believable to a jury. We want to know what will sound believable to them, with the limitations of what you’ve already said to police. Our best advice is to keep your options open by never talking to police when they contact you.

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