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Tips to Avoid a Domestic Violence Charge in Denver

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Lawyer’s Advice: How Not to be Charged with Domestic Violence in Douglas County, Colorado

Domestic Violence is a preventable crime enhancement in Douglas County, Colorado. Here are five tips to avoid being charged with Domestic Violence in Colorado Courts:

· Don’t drink alcohol with someone who gets easily angered

· Avoid the one-night stand or hook-up

· Leave your house at the first sign of a physical confrontation

· Divorce or separate from anyone who calls the police on you

· Break up gently and with genuine concern

Assault in the Third Degree with Domestic Violence.

#1 Alcohol and the Easily Angered Partner or Spouse in Jefferson County

Alcohol greatly aggravates any argument with a loved one and causes people to act stupid. Never drink with someone who gets angry easily or when they drink. In Jefferson County, Colorado, I’d estimate that 3/4 of our criminal cases involve alcohol. People do dumb things when they’ve been drinking and those dumb things result in calls to police with great frequency.

#2 The One Night Stand is Dangerous – a Likely Domestic Violence Case in Adams County

In Adams County, a large percentage of our cases involve one night stands, or quick hook ups, where the man and woman barely know each other. This means there is a high probability you will encounter a nut case. Having sex with a nut case creates fertile ground for a call to police the next morning, and charges of Domestic Violence. Women tend to get offended when the guy they wake up next to leave in a quick fashion and treats them like a piece of meat. After a night of drinking, we’ve seen a ton of women call police and say they did not give consent for sex, because they were too drunk. They fail to consider that the guy was drunk too – and that he has just as much right to claim rape as she does.

#3 Leave When Things Get Hot at Home and Physical Contact Becomes Likely as Tempers Flare in Arapahoe County

Domestic Violence in Arapahoe County normally involves physical touch of some kind. When tempers are so high that pushing, slapping or hitting seems possible, it is time to run from the situation. Both men and women get charged with alarming numbers during a word fight turned physical. Any call to police means that someone will be arrested. Police don’t want to risk blame by leaving to angry lovers alone.

#4 Separate Permanently from Anyone Who Calls the Police on You in Denver

If a man or woman calls police on you, that means they want you arrested and put in jail. To me, that means the relationship is over. It is an unforgiveable betrayal of trust. If you get lucky enough one time to not go to jail, don’t expect that luck to hold the next time: you will go to the Denver Jail. Don’t tempt fate – leave them for good.

#5 Break up Gently with a Woman, or Got to the Douglas County Jail for Domestic Violence

A gentle break up which allows the woman to save face is critical. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” This true saying can be avoided if you are gentle and loving when you break up. Guard her heart and reputation and chances greatly decrease that she’ll call police to get revenge against you and lie about Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence charges are largely the result of alcohol use and hurt feelings. You can save yourself a ton of grief by staying away from an angry lover, not drinking and being sympathetic to feelings. When you fail to do so, call Denver’s best Domestic Violence lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect you future.