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Sex Offender Treatment and Probation Officers in Denver

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Sex Offender Probation and Treatment in Arapahoe County, Colorado

Our criminal defense lawyers have found that there is little more difficult than being on sex offender probation in Arapahoe County, Colorado.  Probation officers feel like they need to be extra tough to show who’s boss, and mandatory treatment is prescribed.  Sex Offender Treatment involves strict monitoring, classes, therapy, polygraphs, and mind control.  Really.  Treatement seeks to control what you think about and how to rewire you to be the government’s version of safe. If you don’t cooperate, you will face a probation revocation hearing and prison.

Sex Offender Rules and Regulations in Jefferson County, Colorado

Rules and regulations for Jefferson County sex offenders are very difficult.  Imagine not being able to see your kids or even have pictures of your kids. Probation officers and treatment therapists think that you might imagine sex with a child – so they want no contact.  They are willing to destroy your family and your kids, without a second thought.  It is all about controlling you -where you go, what you do, your job, your mind. Colorado Sex Offender Treatment Standards and Rules.

Probation Officers for Sex Offenders in Douglas County | How a Defense Attorney Can Help

You absolutely must know how sex offender probation officers think. That is one of the things we train our clients to know. We want you to understand that if they don’t feel like you will obey them and protect their careers, they will revoke your probation. You are expendable and they will not hesitate to send you to the Douglas County Jail or prison.  You must walk a strict line of obedience to their rules, or risk going to prison for an indeterminate sentence.

Who is in Charge? Probation Officers or Sex Offender Treatment Providers in Adams County

Probation officers are in charge.  It is funny to watch a high school educated probation officer tell a Masters Degree educated treatment provider with 15 years experience, what is best in a sex offender’s treatment and supervision.  But, this is what happens. And if a treatment provider does not obey, they will be blacklisted by the probation department and not get any new cases. Probation officers are not always the brightest people, and they don’t always care about public safety: they can about keeping their jobs – that is #1 to them. Power and control will rule their decision making.

Call our sex offender lawyers to learn more about how to be successful on sex offender probation.  You can’t do it alone. We have over 40 years’ experience in how probation officers and treatment providers think.  Come in for a meeting to learn more. Call 303-731-0719 today.  Together, we can protect your future.