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Juvenile Sexual Assault and Sexting in Douglas County, Colorado: What Can Happen to You in Court?

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Children Charged with Sexual Assault – Potential Sentence and Jail in Douglas County, Colorado

Juveniles, kids and teenagers in Douglas County and Highlands Ranch become clients of ours due to charges of sexual assault. Whether your child is a babysitter who has touched a younger child, or kids acting on a dare, police and district attorneys charge kids with this crime. We even had a child client who was 10 years old – the very youngest possible. The Sheriff’s Department in Jefferson County charged her with Sexual Assault. Juvenile Crimes Lawyer.

Sexting in Jefferson County, Colorado by Kids and Juveniles – Dangerous Fun with Hard Consequences

Sexting is not a high school prank leading to fun. It is a sexual offense in Jefferson County Courts, which can lead to a child’s arrest and conviction for a felony crime called Sexual Exploitation. The concern tis that once an image becomes electronic and is shared on the internet, it lasts forever. Felony Sexting in Colorado.

Age Difference / Age Requirement for a Teenager to Be Charged with Sexual Assault or Sexting in Denver

Children can be charged with Sexual Assault and Sexting at ten years old. All that is necessary is that the age difference between them and their “victim” is at least 4 years. Sexting can even be charged if kids are within 4 years. There has been a recent change in the attitude of law enforcement in the Denver area. Officers and district attorneys fear accusations that they gave a young child a break. So, they charge everyone allowable. Don’t expect mercy, or the belief that children were just exploring or learning.

Sexting and Sexual Assault in Arapahoe County, Colorado – What Happens in Court?

Once a child is arrested in Aurora, Centennial or Littleton, they will be taken to a juvenile detention center, like the Foote Center in Englewood, Colorado. Next, they’ll appear before a judge or magistrate, to set bond conditions and their next court date. Sometimes, they will not be allowed to go back home if younger kids live there. There will be other court hearings, where your juvenile defense lawyer and the district attorney will try and work out a plea deal. A plea deal is good if the evidence against your son our daughter is bad. A plea deal should keep you from long-term sex offender registration, and permit you to eventually expunge your record.

Juvenile Record Expungement in Adams County Courts – How to Seal a Juvenile Criminal Record

Recent changes in record sealing and expungement law permit the prompt sealing of many juvenile crimes like Sexual Assault and Sexting in Adams County. How your case is structured for a plea bargain is critical to whether you will be able to expunge your child’s record. We never want a juvenile adjudication for a sex offense in Brighton Courts, or your child may never be able to expunge their arrest and court record.

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