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1,000 Charged with Sexual Exploitation | Denver Defense Lawyer Explains

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Sharing Pornography Equals Sexual Exploitation in Denver

The laws involving kids and crimes are not very different in other countries vs. Colorado. Take for example the case where over 1,000 adults and kids are being charged for viewing and sharing a video of two 15 year old kids engaged in an intimate setting, in Denmark. Over 1000 charged with video sharing.  This would be charged as Sexual Exploitation 1000 Chargedundefined in Colorado.

Sexual Exploitation Laws in Douglas County and Castle Rock Courts

Sexual Exploitation involves the filming or taking pictures of kids involved in intimate conduct. You can be charged with viewing, possession, manufacture or distribution of these images. Douglas County prosecutors and police regularly visit Peer to Peer sites where people share pornography, seeking to find men and women who share these images of kids.

Jefferson County, Colorado Stings for Sexual Exploitation

Police Stings in Jefferson County, Colorado involve officers acting like consumers of porn, who download a ton of images, hoping some will involve kids. If they find images, they’ll track back the ISP of the image provider, and then raid the Colorado house with a search warrant. If it is from out of state, they will provide the information to local police. Other states do the same for Colorado, since they don’t have jurisdiction here.

Juveniles Charged in Adams County for Selfies or Nude Images

Colorado police frequently learn of pictures being shared by students in schools which involve nudity. Northglenn and Westminster Officers confiscate phones and seek to interview kids without their parents present. They do this legally by getting the school principal to intimidate kids into talking. Students are unsophisticated and fear their school leadership, who proudly turn over the interview to police. Never give permission for your child to speak with anyone about these selfies, images or pictures of other students – even if the student  in the picture shared the image themselves.

Sentence for Arapahoe County Sexual Exploitation Conviction

Colorado Sexual Exploitation is governed by C.R.S. 18-6-403 in Arapahoe County and Aurora. Under that statute, you can be charged with a class 5, class 4 or class 3 felony depending on the facts. That means a prison sentence from 1 year to 12 years. We work on many of these cases, and understand what DA’s must prove and effective defenses.

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