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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Wheat Ridge Municipal Court – City Court for Crimes and Nuisance Abatement

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Wheat Ridge City Court | Municipal Law Violations and Summons

Like state court which is held in Jefferson County, the Wheat Ridge Municipal Court has a judge and jury system which can convict someone charged with a crime and send them to jail for one year. Those charged with a crime are given a criminal summons, which lists the charges and when the person is to appear in court. If you fail to appear, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Misdemeanor and petty crime convictions can impair someone’s reputation and require them to serve jail time. Wheat Ridge Municipal Court Information.

Lawyer for Wheat Ridge Municipal Court Crimes and Criminal Summons

Common Wheat Ridge, Colorado city crimes include:

Personal Injury crimes like Assault, menacing, criminal extortion and reckless endangerment.

Property Rights Crimes like Theft, criminal mischief, trespassing, criminal tampering, graffiti and graffiti materials.

Weapons crimes like carrying a concealed weapon, carrying an illegal weapon, discharging a firearm, brandishing a deadly weapon, and missles.

Public peace crimes like disorderly conduct, urination and defecation, unreasonable noise and disturbing the peace, disrupting a lawful assembly, loitering, harassment, stalking, domestic violence and violation of bail bond conditions.

Offenses against pubic decency like alcohoic beverages, possession of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

Offenses against officers and government, like false reports, impersonation of a police officer, counterfeit insignias, impersonation of city officers, escaping custody, resisting arrest and disobeying public officers.

Crimes by minors, like cigarettes to minors, possession of alcohol by a minor, harboring minors, curfew violation, and possession of grafetti materials.

Prostitution crimes like solicitation, keeping a place of prostitution, patronizing a prostitute, promoting prostitution and public indecency.

Massage related crimes like location of massage parlors, unlawful acts and right of entry.

Nuisance Abatement in Wheat Ridge, Colorado – Code Enforcement Officer Charges

Code enforcement officers in the City of Wheat Ridge are employed to look at noncriminal code and nuisance offenses and issue a citation to court. Examples of code laws enforced by code officers include things like excess garbage, accumulation of junk, landscape overgrowth and mismanagement, sidewalk care including snow removal and cracks, littering, nonoperative conditions, violations of zoning, excessive trash, or weeds.

Nuisance abatement involves removing the nuisance or cleaning it up. If this is not done timely, the code enforcement officer can file a civil action, criminal action, or clean up the condition and charge the property owener the cost to abate.

The City of Wheat Ridge, Colorado Court Procedure

When you enter the courthouse in Wheat Ridge, you will be screened for weapons and then check in with the court clerk. Next, you will be seen by the city attorney prosecutor, and given a chance to reach a plea agreement or plea bargain. If you are not guilty and innocent of any wrong doing, you will be asked to set the case for trial. It is very important that you promptly request a jury of six and pay a $25 jury fee so you don’t lose your jury trial right. If you fail to pay and request a jury of six, your case will be heard by the judge. Your chances of winning decrease greatly with a judge deciding your guilt or innocence.  For all these steps, it is advisable to have a criminal defense lawyer at your side.

If you are given a summons or ticket for a crime in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, call our Wheat Ridge criminal defense lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.