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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Plea Bargains in Jefferson County Court – a Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Advice

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Arapahoe County Plea Bargain Course from a Defense Attorney

Plea Bargains in Arapahoe County Courts result from an overcrowded court system. District Attorneys and defense lawyers review the case and exchange resolution ideas. In some cases, the attorneys cannot reach an agreement, and the case proceeds to a jury trial. Common reasons for this impasse include victim objection, serious allegations like sexual assault or internet sex crimes, and crimes of violence. In these cases, District Attorneys feel pressure not to water down a serious crime with an attractive Plea Bargain. It is tough for them to retreat too far from the mandatory sentences set by law makers.

Plea Bargaining Ideas for Your Douglas County Criminal Case

When plea bargains are possible, Das and criminal defense lawyers trade sentence ideas to satisfy everyone with a say in the case. Recent law has brought the victim into the mix, which can be helpful or harmful. If the victim is someone who still likes the defendant, then they can sway the prosecutor to give a lesser prison sentence, lesser Douglas County Jail sentence, or a Douglas County probation sentence. When the victim hates the defendant, they can get the DA to maintain a firm line in the sand – one which often involves prison or county jail. Plea Bargain Ideas. Plea Bargain or Deferred Judgement?

Denver Lawyer for Plea Bargaining: Trading with Your Future in Mind

While it sounds harsh, defense lawyers and prosecutors trade components of a plea bargain to find a result which both sides can live with. For example, maybe someone will lose their home if they lose their job. So, a criminal defense lawyer may propose a sentence to community corrections rather than prison. Or, suggest a Denver County Jail Work Release sentence over a shorter, but straight jail sentence. These options will allow the person accused of a crime to keep their job when the evidence against them is too strong to take the case to trial.

Plea Bargain or Take Your Case to Jury Trial in Adams County Court?

A good defense attorney will be able to look at your criminal case and determine your chances of winning at trial. If you are not in agreement with your lawyer’s opinion, get family members to join you in meeting with the attorney. If they are not convinced, you need to talk to a new lawyer. If you are on the same page as your lawyer, move in that direction. You are paying for experienced advice.

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