Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Douglas County Driving Under the Influence Lawyer, 42-4-1301

| Nov 6, 2017 | Driving Under the Influence |

DUI in Arapahoe County Colorado – A Defense Lawyer’s Opinion

Some district attorneys assume that everyone arrested for a C.R.S. 42-4-1301 DUI is guilty of Driving Under the Influence. My experience as a DUI and DWAI defense lawyer in Arapahoe County and Aurora, is that there are plenty of reasons someone might commit a traffic offense, speed or run a stop sign. Sure, alcohol use can contribute, but so can stress, tiredness, or a cold. The Colorado Breathalyzer Test.

Douglas County, Colorado Lawyer: DUI and DWAI Factors

We must all remember that it is the volume of alcohol consumed, the period of time alcohol was consumed, your size, and what you had to eat, which determine whether you are driving legal, commit a Driving While Ability Impaired, DWAI, or commit Driving Under the Influence, DUI. My best advice is to not drive after even one drink. The stakes are too high if you were to lose your driver’s license. Sure, you may get lucky and make it home. But remember, your decision making after having just one drink declines. Pretty soon, one drink turns into two and two turn into three.

Roadside Maneuvers in Jefferson County – DUI Lawyers Advise: “Just Say No”

First, consider the purpose of a Jefferson County Deputy asking you do to roadside maneuvers. Are they trying to help you? No. They are searching for evidence and roadsides help cops get probable cause to arrest you. Why help them get it? You can’t help yourself by taking these VOLUNTARY roadside tests. Just say no.

Portable Breath Test in Adams County Courts – Not Admissible, But Helps Build Probable Cause

In addition to roadside maneuver tests, Adams County cops also use their Portable Breath Test (PBT), to gain probable cause to arrest you. Again, this test is voluntary. Just say no. This is not the test you must take AFTER being arrested.

Final Advice by a Denver DUI Lawyer? Stop Talking, Stop Testing

Here is my best advice. Shut up and sit down. Really. Denver Police often cannot make an arrest until they get more information. Why tell them if you been drinking, how much have you drank or if you were at a bar? Don’t talk so they can listen to see if you slur your speech. Get your license and insurance out before the cop comes to your window, and only put the window down a little.

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