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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Sexual Assault on a Child Denver Lawyer – Police Not Allowed to Think

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Denver Sexual Assault on a Child Attorney – Police Scared of Special Interest Groups

When it comes to Sexual Assault on a Child Allegations, innocent men in the Denver metro area have a lot to fear. Politicians, and now police, are so scared of special interest group criticism, that they will arrest and charge a man regardless of how crazy a girl’s lie is. No politician is willing to stand up to these women’s rights crowd, for fear they will be criticized for not prosecuting every man. The law on Sexual Assault on a Child.

Innocent of Sexual Assault on a Child Allegations in Jefferson County?

Our law firm wants to protect every innocent man accused of Sexual Assault on a Child in Jefferson County. We have seen how frequently teenagers accuse men in order to get out of the house, or to be able to move away from authority figures. Recently, I interviewed a young woman who had twice lied about being sexually assaulted. She casually said that the first time was a good way to get to move out of the house, and the second time was a way to support her sister who had made the same allegations. Only after talking with her sister in detail, did she conclude her sister also lied get out of the house. Police and the District Attorney did not want to hear that she had lied.

Adams County Jury Votes a Mandate Against Sexual Assault on Kids, Not the Evidence

I’ve had many cases where a jury votes guilty against a man so they can feel good about condemning Sexual Assault. “Never mind the evidence”, they seem to say, we want to support kids and do our part to stop this crime – like a mandate against it. There is a strong presumption of guilt in Adams County.

Jury Selection in Douglas County Child Sexual Assault Trials is a Chore

Choosing a jury in a Douglas County Sexual Assault on a Child case is difficult. Many express a strong bias against the accused. They speak of their foregone conclusion of guilt, based on a history of allegations by family members.

Arapahoe County Stepdads vs Teenage Girls in Sexual Harassment and Assault Cases

Teenage girls know how to play the game in Arapahoe County. Tell a teacher your stepdad touches you sexually, and you’ll never see him again. He will be told to move out and have no contact, then face a trial for lifetime imprisonment.

Never speak with police. Call our Sexual Assault on a Child lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.