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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

What Should You Do When Arrested? A Douglas County, Colorado Criminal Attorney Explains

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Arrested in Douglas County? Consider These Next Steps to Protect Your Freedom

Number One – Keep Quiet, Why Castle Rock Police Need You to Talk

Being arrested on criminal charges is a difficult experience.  Court rules permit the Douglas County Sheriff Deputies or Castle Rock Police to come to court during your trial and tell the jury everything they remember you saying. So, officers like to ask you questions about every aspect of your accusations. They even like to exaggerate, stretch the truth, and make things up that you said. In many cases, we have body cameras, but officers turn them off when they don’t want us to hear something which they are saying. Don’t help them convict you – be quiet instead. The Arrest Process – Learn More.

Number Two – Preserve Evidence in Your Arapahoe County Criminal Case

If you are charged with a crime in Arapahoe County, Colorado, it is important to make a list of everyone present. Next, take pictures of any injuries or evidence of injury. If you can write yourself a note of what happened AFTER the police leave you, it will help your memory of events. Never share your evidence with police.

Number Three – Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Adams County

Adams County district attorneys try and settle cases with people in jail before they hire a defense attorney. They don’t want you to have time to retain a lawyer who will tell you the law. A criminal lawyer can plug in defenses and the law, with the facts of your case. In most cases, we can improve your bargaining power immediately.

Number Four – Get Discovery and Review it With Your Denver Attorney

Discovery is the name for police reports, audio recordings, video recordings, DA investigator reports and anything else the government has in their possession. Your Denver Attorney for criminal cases will study the evidence from the DA and meet with you to discuss a defense strategy. When something is in discovery, it is hard for police and key witnesses to change it. As a result, you know the majority of evidence as it will be revealed to your jury in trial.

These steps for criminal charges are really important to get the best outcome in your criminal case. We’ve been doing criminal defense for over 25 years, and have the tools to win your jury trial or get a plea bargain with the least damaging consequences. We have also have a Denver Christian criminal lawyer, if your Christian faith is important to you. Call our defense attorneys at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.