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Sexual Assault on a Child, C.R.S. 18-3-405 | If You Are Accused in Colorado

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Allegations of Sexual Assault On a Child in Jefferson County | Nobody is Safe

Sexual Assault on a Child, C.R.S. 18-3-405, charges in Jefferson County are about the most frightening allegations an innocent person can face. The Believe the Children campaign has been so successful that prosecutors often succeed in sending innocent people to prison on indeterminate sentences with no other evidence than the word of a vengeful child. As a result, those who are afraid of going to trial are forced into taking plea deals, and the risk takers who go to trial are often shocked at the small amount of evidence needed to convince a jury they are guilty. Although the burden of proof is the responsibility of the prosecution, these well trained attorneys are good very good at using theatrics in convincing juries to convict a person based on the word of a child alone. They will tell jurors that it is not unusual for there to be only one witness, since sexual predators are sneaky and they know how to keep from being caught. Sexual Assault with a Child Victim.

Rape Shield Laws | Making it Easier to Convict Innocent People in Denver

One of the many ways our State Legislators have made it easier to convict people of Sexual Assault on a Child in Denver is by passing legislation which prohibits bringing in the past sexual lies and behavior of the alleged victim. In some cases, this law eliminates the most logical defense. Law makers cleverly call this the Rape Shield law in order to make it sound like they are helping victims of rape. Unfortunately, this law also stacks the deck against those who are falsely accused. Tactics like this are endorsed by the general public because there is little or no sympathy for the accused. What is the Rape Shield?

Accused of Sexual Assault on a Child in Arapahoe County? Get the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone you care about is accused of Sexual Assault on a Child in Arapahoe, Adams, or Douglas County, you need to fight with everything you’ve got. Once police and prosecutors believe you are guilty, they will disregard any evidence to the contrary and exploit a system which caters to alleged victims. Fortunately, our defense attorneys firmly believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty, and we know how to fight the unjust tactics used by prosecutors. Our expert attorneys are here to help and it begins by remaining silent and calling us at 303-731-0719. Together we can protect your future.