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Disorderly Conduct, 18-9-106 – Happens to the Best in Denver Too

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What is Disorderly Conduct in Denver County?

Disorderly Conduct is charged in Denver on the rich and poor, young and old. This broadly written law is used frequently when officers feel circumstances are unmanageable. I recently read a story about the 52 year old son of Robert Kennedy who was arrested for Disorderly Conduct for making too much noise at a party. In addition to making too much noise, there are four other ways a person can be charged with Disorderly Conduct, C.R.S. 18-9-106, in Denver or Arapahoe County. They include; making an offensive utterance or gesture, fighting, discharging a firearm in a public place, or by displaying a firearm or deadly weapon to cause alarm.

Can I Get Fired from my Job For Disorderly Conduct in Douglas County?

When a person is charged with Disorderly Conduct it remains in either Municipal or County Courts, such as Lone Tree Municipal Court or Douglas County Court. Making a course gesture, obscene language, or making unreasonable noise, will be filed as a class 1 petty offense. If the charge is for fighting, it will be filed as a class 3 misdemeanor. If the charge is for discharging a firearm or for displaying a deadly weapon in order to cause alarm, it will be filed as the more serious class 1 misdemeanor. We are often asked if an employer can fire an employee for a petty offense. We have to tell our clients that criminal acts do fall under any of the protected classes for civil rights, so it is permissible for an employer to fire an employee for a criminal offense.

What are the Legal Penalties for Disorderly Conduct in Adams County?

Again, the maximum penalty for Disorderly Conduct depends on what class of crime it is filed under. On the high end it can be up to $5,000.00 and 18 Months in the Adams County jail for a class 1 misdemeanor. If it is charged as a class 1 petty offense in the Brighton Municipal Court, the maximum penalty is $500.00 and 6 months in jail. It is unlikely that a first time offender will see the upper limits of these penalties.

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