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Your Juvenile Accused of Touching Another Child in Douglas County? Children Accused of Sexual Assault

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Juvenile Sexual Assault Allegations in Castle Rock, Castle Pines and Parker

Juvenile Sexual Assault usually involves the knowing touching of the private parts of one child by another. There are few more harmful allegations for your teen or preteen to be facing. Why? Because Colorado law is harsh on kids, just like it is on adults, when allegations of sexual abuse arise. Juvenile Sexual Assault in Colorado.

Jefferson County Courts on Allegations of Sexual Touching Between Kids

Our juvenile criminal defense lawyers regularly work in the Douglas County and Jefferson County Courthouses when good kids are being accused by other kids. In many cases, the kids making the accusations are in trouble for something and want to divert attention away from themselves. Dropping the nuclear bomb of sexual abuse between kids usually works. Police come and interview the “victim,” who usually tells a smooth story about how it was only the two kids present and the other child initiated sexual contact. In many cases, the touching is consensual and both kids were willing to explore the other’s body.

Are Consent and Consensual Sexual Contact a Defense in Arapahoe County, Colorado Courts?

Provided the two children are within four years of one another, consent is a solid defense. Yet remember, when kids are in trouble, they can sense what will get them out of trouble. This often involves telling their parent that the other child made them do it. This quickly opens the door for the Arapahoe County Sheriff to move in and charge your child with Sexual Assault.

What to do When Your Child Admits Sexual Touch in Denver

If your child admits that they sexually touched a younger child, you need a Denver criminal defense lawyer involved. Consequences like registering as a sex offender, are just too great otherwise. Second, keep your child from speaking with police. The less information police have, the better position for your child. Third, your lawyer needs to consider getting your child into safe juvenile sex offender treatment, should things go south. This counselor MUST be approved by your lawyer and have experience working with children and juveniles under Colorado’s SOMB. Many therapists do not know mandatory reporter laws and wrongfully believe they must report what your child tells them. Your child has the right to confidential communications with their therapist. Finally, make a plan which qualifies your child to expunge his record. Juvenile Criminal Record Expungement.

If your child is accused of sexual assault, call our juvenile sex offender lawyers at 303-731-0719, today. Together, we can protect your child’s future.