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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Jury Trials in Colorado Courts: Why Judges Don’t Like Them | A Denver Criminal Lawyer Explains

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Colorado Constitutional Right to a Jury Trial

Jury trials in Colorado courts are the salvation of the accused. Judges impose biased restrictions in advance of any conviction, at the request of a district attorney. There is a presumption of guilt, with the excuse of “public safety”. After 25 years working as a criminal defense lawyer, I understand why judges don’t like jury trials, despite the United States and Colorado Constitutions guarantee of a right to jury trial. The reasons can be summed up in two words, “TIME” and “BIAS”. Advantage of a Jury Trial.

Courts and Judges in Arapahoe County – Jury Trials Take Longer

Courts are generally overloaded and seek the quickest way of resolving cases. In Arapahoe County, Colorado, there are a couple of reasons a jury trial takes longer than a court trial: 1) Juries need to be selected, and 2) juries need to be educated on the law. Selection of a jury involves finding people without a bias, and can take over a day. Educating a jury on the law takes time because jury instructions need to be selected by the lawyers and read to jurors.

Adams County Judges are Biased and Resent What Juries Decide

I recently completed a serious felony sexual assault jury trial in Adams County. The judge was a former prosecutor who headed up the child sexual assault division. She was angry at the defense throughout the trial, and mad when we won. At the end, she slammed her notebook shut and failed to give the lawyers the traditional thanks. Her bias was evident and she resented the defense win. Most judges are former prosecutors.

Punishment for Choosing a Jury Trial in Douglas County, Colorado

A judge in Douglas County is generally more prone toward giving a defendant a worse prison or Douglas County Jail sentence because they took his time to do a jury trial. Court dockets are crowded in Colorado and none of the judges want the “time hogs” of a jury trial. If you take a plea bargain, most judges will abide by the agreement of the prosecutor and the defense regarding sentencing.

Jefferson County Jury Trial Choice

If your guilt or innocence is questionable, it is often the best choice to let a jury decide your guilt or innocence. Never let a judge decide – they carry too much bias. A jury member does not know the prosecution or the defense, and will usually give you a presumption of innocence. When a Jury is Your Only Option.

Always choose a jury trial if charged with a crime. Next, interview a criminal defense lawyer by calling 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.