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Failure to Appear in Courts: Denver Attorney on Missed Court Date

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Missed Court Date = FTA: How to Handle Your Arrest Warrant in Denver

Failure to Appear in Courts or FTA: Nothing makes a worse impression on a judge than when you miss your court date. It tells the judge that you found something more important to do, or that you don’t have the self discipline to get your body to court. Their response is always the same: an arrest warrant is issued for you. The bottom line is to read your ticket’s court date.

Required Court Appearance Missed in Arapahoe County: How a Lawyer Can Fix it

Lawyers look at Failures to Appear in Arapahoe County Courts with a sense of urgency. The sooner you fix it, the easier it is. Assuming you did not miss court on purpose, the court expects you to make it right quick. Things go stale if you fail to come in and get back on track. Next, you need a decent reason for missing court. On purpose is not a good reason. Your defense lawyer can help with characterizing the reason well.

FTA and Failure to Appear in Jefferson County: Future Effects

One of the biggest consequences of an FTA and missing court in Jefferson County, Colorado, is that the court keeps a record of your missed court appearances. In the future, your FTA will be held against you by the District Attorney, when you seek a bond. We regularly hear DA’s say, “[I]n 2017, Mr. Jones had an FTA. So, make his bond higher.” You can face long-term consequences.

Douglas County Bond Revocation for FTA and Missing a Court Date

A bond revocation is another predicable consequence for missing a date in Colorado courts. That means you may have to repost a new bond to get out of jail. If you are on summons, the consequence is that a judge may revoke your summons and make you post a bond in the Douglas County, Colorado, jail. Posting bond after an FTA.

How to Dress in Court After Your Adams County FTA

You should never come to court looking sloppy – this includes wearing jean, shorts, T-Shirts, hats or casual wear. Court is not casual, and judges are unimpressed if you can’t figure this out on your own. Make a good impression so that the judge will have favor on you after your Failure to Appear and not send you to jail. Dress nice.

Never speak with police about your Failure to Appear in Court. Instead, keep silent and call our lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.