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Children Contact When Accused of a Sexual Assault Crime in Arapahoe County and Douglas County

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Douglas County Child Contact: Criminal Attorney Helping Parents & Kids

Contact with your kids is automatically restricted by a judge in Arapahoe County if you have been accused of a sex crime. Judges fear another victim may result if they let you have time with your kids. Some judges in Douglas County are so severe, that they won’t let you have time around your kids even if it is supervised. This is without a double a presumption of guilt – not the constitutional presumption of innocence. This position is not motivated from child protection concerns, but career protection.

Child Contact Assessment – CCA – Evaluation for Child Safety in Jefferson County, Colorado

We don’t feel like everyone accused of a sexual assault is guilty or dangerous. We know that many false allegations are made, and that children need their parents. Regrettably, the government wants to avoid any possible child safety concern, and they are willing to hurt your kids to be sure they don’t look bad. A Child Contact Assessment (CCA) is an evaluation where a therapist completes a review of you and your allegations, to give an opinion on the risk level you present. What is a Child Contact Assessment?

Court Rules on Contact with Children After Conviction in Adams County

Contact with children rules are being changed in the favor of those accused in Adams County courts, after a 2014, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals case United States v. Burns. The court said, “a father has a fundamental liberty interest in maintaining his familial relationship with his child.” In order for the government to keep a parent from their child, they must first show that the parent is a danger to their child. Then, 1) the condition must be reasonably related to the type of offense and the defendant’s characteristics, and 2) not involve a greater deprivation of the liberty interest than is reasonably necessary. The CCA will help determine the person’s risk to their kids.

Denver Defense Lawyer: Keeping Contact Between Kids and Their Parents

As criminal defense attorneys, we strive to present a court with a workable solution to the need for child safety, and parent – child contact. Supervised visitation might be one way to limit harm to children. In other cases, we remind the judge and district attorney of the differences between the allegations and the child – parent relationship. For example, a man accused of touching a woman in a bar does not present an identifiable risk to his children.

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