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Second Degree Arson After the 4th of July in Jefferson County, Colorado

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Jefferson County Second Degree Arson by Fireworks

The 4th of July is a celebration of fun. Fireworks remain a central part of this national holiday, even if the government is trying to shut them down. No, Jefferson County government, we don’t want your perfect world where no one is injured, because no one has any fun. Life is full of risks and a charge of 2nd Degree Arson is ridiculous simply because a dry field caught fire from a firecracker.

Denver 2nd Degree Arson After Fireworks – Get a Lawyer’s Help

Kids and adults shoot off fireworks in the county and cities of Golden, Arvada and Wheat Ridge. When a field in Denver burns and damages some old items stored in a shed, you can be charged with a class 4 Arson felony. There was no intent to injure anyone and no great loss when an old shed burned. Barbeque grills, camp fires and blowing trash sometimes start an unintended fire in Denver.

Definition of Second Degree Arson in Douglas County

Douglas County has a lot of rural land where lighting a trash fire does not normally put property in danger. Yet if the wind blows, it is possible for things to accidently get out of control. In this situation, you may be charged with Arson in the 2nd Degree. The definition of Second Degree Arson is: When (1) a person knowingly (2) sets fire to, burns, causes to be burned, or by the use of any explosive damages or destroys, or causes to be damaged or destroyed, (3) any property of another without his consent, other than a building or occupied structure. More on Second Degree Arson.

Penalty and Sentence for Second Degree Arson in Arapahoe and Adams County

As crazy as it sounds, Second Degree Arson is a class 4 felony when any damage is $100 or greater. If the damage is below $100, then the crime is only a class 2 misdemeanor. There is a huge difference in punishment, based on a $1 difference. If you damage a dry field to the sum of $99, you can spend up to a year in the Arapahoe County Jail. If you damage a field by $100 in losses, you can be a felon and go to the Department of Corrections for up to six years.

It is very important to be quiet when police or fire investigators come on the scene. Without your statement, they may not be able to prove you started a fire. Reasonable doubt exists when our clients remain silent. Call our Second Degree Arson lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.