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Disarming a Police Officer Charges in Denver and Jefferson County, Colorado – Easy to Be Charged

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Jefferson County and Denver Disarming a Police Officer Charges

Denver Charges for Disarming a Police Officer can occur intentionally or by accident. More often, these charges stem from accidental conduct in a scuffle with overly aggressive police officers, during a resisting arrest case or obstruction case. It is rare that someone intentionally tries to take a police officer’s gun. Remember though, we are not just talking about guns under this charge. Let’s look at the definition of Disarming a Police Officer in Jefferson County and across Colorado.

Definition of Disarming a Police Officer in Arapahoe County and Aurora, Colorado

Across Arapahoe County and in the City of Aurora, we see the following definition used for Disarming a Peace Officer, C.R.S. 18-8-116:

A person commits disarming a peace officer if he or she knowingly, without justification and without consent, removes the firearm or self-defense electronic control device, direct-contact stun device, or other similar device of a peace officer who is acting under color of his or her official authority. Read more on Police Officer Crimes.

Douglas County, Colorado Officer Weapons Supporting Disarming a Police Officer Charge

What happens if an officer’s taser falls out of its holster during a Douglas County Sheriff Deputy’s overly zealous arrest? You get charged. What happens when a Parker Police Officer loses his gun from its holster and you don’t even touch it? You get charged. Guns, tazers, knives, numbchucks, or a lost batton, can all support the charge of Disarming a Police Officer in Castle Rock. Be careful. The law is written to support officers in all their decisions to be rough on you. Whether alcohol or drugs are motivating your conduct, you will be charged by police if they are separated from their weapon.

Attempt to Disarm a Police Officer is a Felony in Adams County Court, Colorado

Attempt for any crimes is one class less than the base charge. It is no difference with Disarming a Police Officer. Level / class 6 felony convictions are punished by 12 to 18 months in the Colorado prison system, with the potential for up to $100,000 in fines.

Never give a statement to officers or police detectives if you’ve been arrested for Disarming a Police Officer or the attempt. You need to preserve all evidence from our side of the case and not help the DA convict you by revealing otherwise confidential information. Call our Disarming a Police Officer charges lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.