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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Denver and Jefferson County, Colorado, Record Sealing Attorney

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Arapahoe County Record Sealing Attorneys – Criminal Records Sealed and Expunged

In Aurora and Centennial, Colorado, men and women with criminal charges in their past are often denied employment or housing. Since our Arapahoe County offers many ways to seal a record, chances are that you can take advantage of one of them. It is true that many permanent police reports and convictions cannot be sealed, but sometimes people don’t understand that their conviction was only temporary and not permanent. Plus, the law is always changing. Let’s discuss some of these opportunities. Rules for Record Sealing in Colorado.

Deferred Judgments in Jefferson County, Colorado – a Temporary Conviction

When you plead guilty to a charge in Jefferson County, and have an agreement for a Deferred Judgment for that charge, once you successfully complete your sentence, your charge is dismissed. The case can then be sealed as long as you did not plead guilty to another charge in the case without a deferred judgment attached. For this reason, check your paperwork and see if you received a deferred judgment. The case may be sealable.

Adams County Acquittal After a Jury Trial – You Win and Your Case Can Go Away

Without limitation, if you win at trial, you can apply to seal your case. It would be rare for a judge to not seal your court records, police reports and jail record. Call our Adams County record sealing attorneys and tell us more about your case. We can give you a preliminary idea of your chances of a successful sealing.

Municipal Court Cases – City Court Convictions Sealable After a Waiting Period

City Court, or Municipal Court, only handles misdemeanor cases based on violations of city law. For cities like Aurora, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Lone Tree and Lakewood, if you received a conviction, it can normally be sealed after a three year wait. It is important whether you’ve had any other convictions since the case was over. A new law may still permit the sealing if you meet the requirements. Your record sealing lawyer can apply to a judge for your record sealing. There is also a new law in Colorado, for a streamlined sealing of this type of record. So, if you’ve been convicted of a crime like shoplifting, domestic violence, assault, theft, battery, disturbing the peace, or others in municipal court, give us a call. How to Seal Your Record in Colorado.

Drug Possession Convictions in Denver – Many are Sealable

Many drug possession crimes can be sealed or expunged. Drug charges involving felony distribution or manufacturing of a controlled substance can’t be sealed. In Denver County, the process to decide what is and is not sealable is a bit complicated. Come in and talk with our lawyers to determine what you can expect in your drug record sealing application. The law is designed to give persons convicted of drug possession a second chance.

Expunging a Juvenile Court Record in Douglas County and Across Colorado

In Castle Rock and Parker, Colorado, it is much easier to seal juvenile conviction and arrest records. This is called expungement. The law is written to give juveniles a chance at a better future. It is written to permit many more convictions to be sealed / expunged, than for adults. Always remember that certain juveniles cannot expunge their convictions. Those include: Aggravated juvenile offenders, juveniles with direct filing cases, and juveniles with unlawful sexual behavior cases. Other types of juvenile records can be expunged quickly.

Take your name out of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s record system, and out of the FBI’s National Crime Information Center records. Convictions can hurt you for a lifetime. Call our record sealing attorneys today at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.