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Statute of Limitations for Criminal Charges in Arapahoe County, Colorado? C.R.S. 16-5-401

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Limitations of Actions for Jefferson County, Colorado Crimes

When police wait too long to prosecute some cases, there is a decent chance the case may be dismissed for a violation of the Statute of Limitations. This is also known as the Limitation of Actions. Jefferson County, Colorado, has a statute which lists the general statute of limitations for classes of criminal cases. Of course, some more serious or politically charged case types do not have a statute of limitations and can be prosecuted forever. Let’s look at some of the classes of crimes with similar Limitations of Actions periods. Statute of Limitations in Greeley, Colorado.

Adams County: Crimes Without a Statute of Limitations

The following crimes do not have a Limitations of Actions defense available due to the lifetime prosecution law. These crimes are particularly dangerous, as sleazy counselors get adults to find hidden memories of sexual abuse and accuse someone from their distant past. Here is a list of those crimes prosecuted without limits in Adams County, Colorado:

· Any sex offense against a child / children -time limit to prosecute

· Attempt, conspiracy or solicitation to commit murder – no time limit to prosecute

· Attempt, conspiracy or solicitation to commit Kidnapping – No statute of limitations

· Attempt, conspiracy or solicitation to commit Treason – No time limit to prosecute

· Attempt, conspiracy or solicitation to commit any sexual assault on a child – No statute of limitations

· Attempt, conspiracy or solicitation to commit forgery – No time limit to prosecute

· Murder – No statute of limitations

· Kidnapping – No time limit to prosecute

· Treason – No statute of limitations

· Forgery – No statute of limitations

Crimes in Douglas County Colorado with Five Year Statute of Limitations

In Douglas County, Castle Rock and Parker, criminal defense attorneys are able to use the Limitations of Actions defense in two main crimes:

· Leaving the Scene of an Accident with the death of a person – five year statute of limitations / Limitations of Actions

· Vehicular Homicide – five year limit to prosecute / Limitations of Actions

Statute of Limitations of Three Years or Less in Denver, Colorado

Criminal Defense Lawyers are more fond of the following crimes, because there is a more reasonable chance of using the Limitations of Actions defense. Here are those crimes:

· Any other felony or felonies not mentioned above – three year time period to prosecute / Limitations of Actions

· Misdemeanors – eighteen months time period to file a case / Limitations of Actions

· Class 1 and class 2 misdemeanor traffic offenses one year statute to file a case / Limitations of Actions

· Petty offenses – six months Limitations of Actions

· You should remember that there are other crimes, with particular statute of limitations periods not listed above. There are too many varieties to list them all here. Contact one of our defense attorneys in Denver, and we can guide you to the appropriate Limitations period for your crime.

What is the Purpose of a Douglas County Limitations of Actions / Statue of Limitations?

The goal of Statute of Limitations deadlines to commence a criminal action is fairness. Over time, witnesses forget what they saw, where they were and even who people are. It is seen as unfair to ask someone to defend a charge when there are not any witnesses around who can help in their defense. Unfortunately, the list of cases without a Limitations of Actions keeps getting longer. Particularly in child sexual assault cases, our state government lets adults go back 10, 20 or even 50 years and accuse someone of a crime. Colorado has ignored fairness to please special interest groups.

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