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Sex Offender Deregistration in Denver – What a Judge Wants

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Deregistration for Sex Offenders – What Denver Judges Value

It is generally known that Denver judges love their jobs. They get a great salary and no one usually tells them they are wrong. They don’t want to lose their job and this has a direct translation to Sex Offender Deregistration cases. Judges look at every Petition to Deregister and consider how it might have an impact on their job security. Here are ways a judge will feel more secure in granting your deregistration order. Real life example of deregistration process.

Court Order Necessary for Deregistration of a Sex Offender in Douglas County

Remember, you cannot just stop registering as a sex offender in Douglas County, Colorado. You must first get the permission of a Colorado judge. They won’t give the order until they have heard from anyone involved in your criminal case.

Most Important to an Arapahoe County Judge in Colorado Sex Offender Deregistration?

A judge first looks the see if you have completed Arapahoe County SOMB sex offender treatment. This is most important, because graduating treatment tells a judge that you have done what was required by the experts, to ensure that you are no longer a threat. Judges worry that you might reoffend. They rarely let anyone deregister who has not completed SOMB treatment.

Sex Offender Deregistration Victim Support in Jefferson County, Colorado

If your sex crime victim approves of you deregistering, that will really help get the Jefferson County DA and judge on board. When a victim feels you are still a threat to them, you will be traveling uphill to get a deregistration order. Sure, judges still grant deregistration when a victim opposes the order, but you will have a harder time.

Deregistration Other Factors of Decreased Risk

Community support is valuable. Get important people to give you their support, and a judge will go along. Next, victim family support is powerful. The passage of time is important: if you wait a few years past the point you can file, a court will be impressed. Voluntary community service also helps. Support from a victim organization helps. Your probation officer’s support is critical. A letter from a treatment provider is valuable. No further criminal history is very important – especially a sex offense. More than one sex crime ever and you can’t deregister.

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