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PreTrial Services in Arapahoe County Courts – What is Pretrial Services?

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Denver Courts Pretrial Services and Pretrial Release

Prior to and following your arrest or appearance in Denver court, a judge can order PreTrial Services to investigate you. If you are still in custody and have not bonded out, courts want to know if there are any red flags to your reappearing in court after posting bond. Red flags include:

· Prior failures to appear – FTA

· Lack of contacts in Colorado

· Previous / Prior criminal history

· Your employment: a good job?

· Your victim and relationship with them

· Nature of your crime, including violence and the likelihood of your return to court

· Your financial picture and bond amount you can post

· Real property ownership

· Verification from people in Colorado concerning the information presented

A judge will read over your pretrial services report and determine how much to set your bond for, protection orders and conditions of release. Pretrial Release in Arapahoe County.

Pretrial Services and Release Following the Posting of Bond in Douglas County

In felony and serious misdemeanor cases, once you post your bond, courts will often want you monitored by PreTrial Services in Douglas County. The idea is to decrease the likelihood that you will violate the law, violate your protect order or fail to return to court. A PreTrial Services officer will be assigned to your case to monitor your time on bond. You will be required to call in each week, or more often, to be sure you are following the rules. If you are not, the judge will be notified.

Monitored Sobriety PreTrial Services Orders in Jefferson County Courts

In many PreTrial Services / Pretrial Release cases, courts will order that you do not consume alcohol or drugs. This occurs in most cases, not just if your case involves alcohol or drug use. Courts will require that PreTrial Services have you call in at random times to see if you must show up and take a drug or alcohol urinalysis test. If you fail to come in or dilute your sample, the court will assume your test was going to be hot and issue a warrant for your arrest.

Adams County Pretrial Services and Travel Permission

In many cases, people on Adams County PreTrial Services want to travel out of state for work or to return home. In these instances, PreTrial Release can grant you a travel permit or ask the judge to give you one. You will have strict conditions on behavior and when to return. You will need to execute a Waiver of Extradition form.

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