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Dependency and Neglect: Kids Talking to Social Services / DHS in Jefferson County

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Department of Human Services and Surprise Home Visits – Jefferson County Lawyer Explains

One group of people we should all fear is DHS. The Colorado Department of Human Services has the power to take your kids from you. If you offend their feelings, they’ll do just that. Rarely do we see them concerned more with your kids than they are with their job security and feeling of importance. You need to know your rights when it comes to Social Services’ surprise home visits in Dependency and Neglect Cases. What is a Dependency and Neglect Case?

Social Services Surprise Visits in Douglas County and Arapahoe County, Colorado

Our criminal defense lawyers are frequently called upon to cross the line into civil cases involving allegations of child abuse or child endangerment in Douglas County. We do this because these cases, known as Dependency and Neglect in Arapahoe County, frequently result in child abuse or sexual assault on a child criminal cases. When these cases arise, the question arises whether you need to let these government officials questions your children. The answer? Coming up!

Do I Need to Let Social Services and DHS Question My Children in Adams County?

If your child is alleged to be a VICTIM of some act of neglect, violence or sexual abuse, yes, you need to let DHS and Social Services question them. If your child is ACCUSED of committing an act of this type, no, you don’t need to and should never let them question your child. Of course, you should not speak with Social Services if you are being accused of a crime against your kids or other children. For all intents and purposes, Social Services acts as a police agent and will give any statements you or your child make to the police. Aside from that, you and your child should not talk with police if either of you are the accused.

Denver Dependency and Neglect Lawyer: We Know How These Cases Work

In Denver and all of Colorado, DHS will try and take control of your family’s life if anyone calls and complains that your kids are in danger – from you or someone else. In these cases, there is a presumption that you are guilty. Social Services will basically require you to prove it did not happen. Don’t try and do this without a lawyer who has been there many times before. It will quickly backfire.

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