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Denver ASUDS Test for DUI / DWAI Sentencing – What is ASUDS?

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ASUDS-Test.jpgThe ASUDS DUI / DWAI Assessment Tool in Denver Courts

Following a conviction of Driving Under the Influence in Denver, judges and probation officers want to learn what type of alcohol or drug dependency the defendant has. For example, why put the driver in a level 2 alcohol class, if they need alcohol therapy? ASUDS was created to provide DUI evaluators, probation officers and judges with a good DUI assessment tool. It is used as a tool in an alcohol evaluation. There, those convicted of DUI / DWAI take the ASUDS test. DUI / DWAI in Colorado.

What is an ASUDS Test in a Jefferson County DUI Probation Interview?

ASUDS is a computer scored test involving 123 items, which convicted drivers complete during their alcohol evaluation in the Jefferson County, Colorado courts. The questions are ordered and worded so that hidden meanings and conclusions can be reached about a person’s level of alcohol or drug dependence. Based on these test scores, you will need to complete a particular alcohol treatment program – from simple education all the way up to extensive therapy.

What Does the ASUDS Test Measure for Adams County Probation?

The ASUDS questionnaire measures alcohol and drug use in ten different categories, and measures the effect of these substances on a person’s life. All that to say, the ASUDS questionnaire digs deep into a person’s alcohol and drug use, then provides estimates by categories, of characteristics in that person’s life as a result of their drinking and drug use. The ASUDS tool also shows probation officers how alcohol and drug use can affect someone’s driving attitudes and behaviors. One subscale even predicts the test taker’s motivation for treatment.

Arapahoe and Douglas County, Colorado Alcohol Evaluations, ASUDS and Treatment

Anyone convicted of Driving While Ability Impaired or Driving Under the Influence in Arapahoe County, Colorado will most likely take the ASUDS test. It is used because courts need to know how bad someone’s alcohol use is affecting their life. If you don’t know how deep their problem is, you can’t fashion a treatment program to cure their needs. Simply asking questions of the person during a live interview would not result in standardized results. Colorado seems to like a one-size-fits-all approach to sentencing in a DUI case in Douglas County. The ASUDS test provides a more even, state-wide set of standards for treatment for a judge’s use during DUI / DWAI sentencing. More on Colorado Courts’ Sentencing.

We dislike standardized testing when the test takes away a judge’s discretion in sentencing. Unfortunately, Colorado keeps moving in that direction. For help, call our DUI / DWAI lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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