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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

What is Forgery in the Denver Area? A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Opinion

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What are Fraud / Forgery Crimes in Douglas County? A Defense Attorney Explains

There are many Douglas County, Colorado and Denver Fraud related crimes under Title 18, Article 5 of the Colorado Revised Statues. Crimes of fraud include:

  • Forgery,
  • Second Degree Forgery,
  • Use of forged Academic Record,
  • Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument,
  • Criminal Possession of a Second Degree Forged Instrument,
  • Criminal Possession of Forgery Devices,
  • Criminal Simulation,
  • Trademark Counterfeiting,
  • Unlawfully Using Slugs,
  • Obtaining Signature by Deception,
  • Criminal Impersonation,
  • Offering a False Instrument for Recording, and
  • Controlled Substances – Inducing Consumption by Fraudulent Means.

In addition to these specific crimes there are many more under the general categories of; Obtaining Property, Deceptive Sales and Business Practices, Bribery, Offenses related to the Uniform Commercial Code, Financial Transaction Devices, Equity Skimming, and Identity Theft. What is the Definition of Forgery and Fraud?

Forgery Is More than Just Signing a False Name on a Check in Arapahoe County

A person can be charged with Forgery in Arapahoe County when someone believes they are authorized or are told by someone to sign another person’s name on a legal document. This is something you should never do, since your future is in the hands of the person you claim gave you permission to sign their name. It can also be charged when someone is scared by the police doing an investigation and then provide a false name. Yes, even good people can make errors in thinking and find themselves charged with Forgery. Providing false indentifying information to the police and making false documents is a class 5 felony anywhere in Colorado. Although good people can make serious errors and be found guilty, this should not be confused with accidentally doing something wrong.

What is Mens Rea or Intent Necessary for Forgery in Jefferson County, Colorado?

Mens Rea is a Latin term mostly used in the legal world which means guilty mind. In order for a person to be found guilty of the crimes involving Fraud in Arapahoe County, it must be proven that the person intended to deceive. Within the elements of each of Fraud related crimes are words and phrases like; knowingly, intentionally, and with deception. The element of intent is very important and often overlooked by prosecutors. However, it is not overlooked by us.

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer When Charged with Forgery in Adams County

When we talk with someone charged with Forgery in Adams County or Brighton, Colorado, we listen carefully to his or her side of the story. We know the elements for Forgery and make sure prosecutors are not successful in convicting someone that did not intend to defraud another. We also understand how people can make thinking errors and we work hard with the District Attorney’s office to get the best outcome and make sure our clients are not over charged. We strive to ensure that you don’t have a damaging criminal record. If you are charged with Forgery in Adams County or anywhere else in Colorado, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and call us at 303-731-0719. Together we can protect your future.

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