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Domestic Violence and Protection Orders in Castle Rock – Scared Judges Overuse

| Apr 21, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

Douglas County Protections Orders in a Domestic Violence Harassment Case

Judges are like anyone else – sometimes they love their jobs too much. Some judges love their job so much that they actually hurt men, women, children and marriages to protect their job. Of course, they won’t admit this, but after 25 years as a criminal defense attorney, I see it more and more. Judges put Protection Orders in place in Domestic Violence cases, so they won’t be at risk for criticism if a defendant decides to reoffend.

The Purpose of Protection Orders in Arapahoe County Courts for Domestic Violence- A Defense Lawyer’s Opinion

Normally, Protection Orders are in place in a Domestic Violence case to protect the alleged victim. Courts want to permit a cooling off period where the defendant / accused cannot have any contact with their “victim,” so another crime does not occur. This is a great idea, until judges start using them too strictly. Some Arapahoe County, Aurora and Centennial judges leave the Protection Orders in place way beyond a reasonable cooling off period, so that they will never be criticized if something goes bad between a couple. As a result, children are not seeing their parents for months. Read a Blog on NonViolent Domestic Violence.

A Normal Domestic Violence Assault and Harassment Cooling Off Period in Jefferson County

With responsible judges in Jefferson County, we see two weeks as a sufficient cooling off period. The Protection Order is then modified to permit gradual contact. First, electronic contact is allowed: phone calls, text and email. Next, if that goes well, after a couple of weeks contact in public places is permitted. Then, in-person contact at home is allowed. Today, I witnessed a timid judge in Golden order that he would not look at even public contact, for 75 days. The man’s wife was in tears. Her kids needed him back home in Lakewood, Colorado.

Denver, Adams County and Brighton Judges Overuse Protection Orders in Domestic Relations Harassment and Assault Cases

Harassment normally means “strike, kick, shove or touch” someone – without injury. Even in these cases, weak minded judges are using “victim safety” as an excuse to build a wall of protection around their career. Fifteen days is plenty of time for people to cool off. Even if they are in treatment for Domestic Violence, most judges will still prohibit contact. They are scared for themselves.

Our Domestic Violence lawyers can work to shorten this waiting period. Don’t go to court and judge plead guilty to a Domestic Violence case, get help from the best Denver Criminal Defense Attorneys. Together, we can protect your family and future.

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