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How to Get Someone Out of Jail – Denver Lawyer Best Way to Bond or Bail Someone Out?

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How to Get Someone Out of the Jefferson County Jail in Golden

We hate it when someone we like is in jail. They are relying on us to get them out of a Jefferson County Jail or the Denver County Jail, and the best way to do this is confusing. Yet how do you do it? How do you help someone get released from Jail? What is the best way to bail or bond a friend out of Jail in Denver and Jefferson County, Colorado?  Read more below to learn important considerations.
Wait to Bail Family Out of the Douglas County Jail or Post Bail?
Here is the problem: Sometimes a judge will grant a PR bond, and you can get someone out of jail for really cheap. Other times, people need to get back to work quickly and can’t wait for a judge to hear their case and MAYBE give them a Personal Recognizance Bond. So, what is the best way? Ask a lawyer, based on the person’s alleged crime, allegations, criminal history, what is the best course to take? A good criminal defense lawyer has seen hundreds or thousands of bond hearings and can tell you the best thing to do.  How to Bail or Bond Someone Out of Jail?

Arapahoe County Jail – Personal Recognizance Bond is Best, But Few Get Them

In many cases, a judge must see the defendant before he gets out of jail. This is especially the case in Domestic Violence cases. Judges need to impose no contact order or protection order, to ensure the safety of the alleged victim. So, there will be a hearing in most cases. Some judges don’t know their job too well, and will refuse to change the bond amount until the DA consults with the victim under the Victim’s Rights Act. This is not really necessary, but some judges don’t know the law and will make your family member sit in jail until the DA does their job. Some DAs don’t care to hurry, and while they wait around, our client sits in jail (even though they are still innocent). In other cases, court personnel are not doing their job, and paperwork is not finished, some our clients sit in jail until the court does its job. This is frustrating and only a criminal defense lawyer can make the calls to get things on track for a timely release.

Bonding Someone Out of the Jefferson County Jail – A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Advice

Posting someone’s Bail / Bond is not very hard if the amount is reasonable and you don’t have a chance to get the bond lower. In that case, post the cash or get a bondsman (10% fee – 15% fee) to do it for you by renting the money. Then, wait for the jail to do their job for several hours. Sometimes though, when the bond is too high, you must appear before the judge with a lawyer to get the bond reduced. Getting it reduced can be easy or hard, depending on the circumstances of the case. Hiring a criminal defense attorney from the O’Malley Law Office is usually a good idea, so your friend in custody has a greater chance of getting out with a lower bond. We have a pretty good chance of getting the bond down if the crime is not a violent one and the defendant does not have a lengthy criminal history or Failure to Appear.

A Failure to Appear Can Make Bonding Someone Out of Jail Hard in Adams County and Brighton, Colorado

What is a failure to appear and why is it important?  Courts want to be sure someone will come back to court. That is the main reason they require a bond to be posted. If someone has a bad record of not coming to court, from prior Failures to Appear, the court will be unimpressed with arguments that the person will change their habit and appear as ordered.  This is a difficult problem to overcome. It is also a bad idea to post a bond for someone with a prior Failure to Appear in Adams County. Their history tells you that they may not show up this time and you will lose the cash you posted. A bondsman will be reluctant to post a bond for someone who has a Failure to Appear. When they don’t come to court as promised in the bond paperwork, the bondsman will require the bond cosigner to pay for the full amount of the bond. This is why bondsmen like having a quality cosigner that owns their home and have a good job.  Never cosign on a Bail / Bond if the person in jail is a high risk to appear – you might owe the entire bond.

Get Someone Out of Jail Quickly By Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense lawyers understand what the court and DA want to be sure your friend or family member come back to court. Let us help you get them out ASAP. We know they must get back to work quickly or they will lose their job. Your friend’s freedom is always job #1 for us, so call the defense attorneys who have 40 years’ experience talking to judges about bond and bail in Colorado. We fight the government to get people out of jail. Call us and talk about the case. You will learn a ton and we deliver results! Call 303-731-0719, today. Together, we can protect your jailed friend’s future.

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