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Dependency and Neglect Denver Lawyer – Keeping Kids Safe . . . from the Government

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Denver D&N – Dependency and Neglect Attorney in Arapahoe County

Anytime a child may have been hurt, or is actually hurt, the government has a group of employees anxious to prove their worth by filing a Dependency and Neglect case against you, naming your child as a person in need of protection. While this system is necessary and important in many extreme child abuse situations, our dislike of the system arises from its overuse. Even with accidents, if a child is injured, the Arapahoe County Department of Social Services and the Arapahoe County Attorney file neglect cases against good parents. This intrusion into the lives of Colorado citizens is unwarranted and a waste of precious tax dollars.

Douglas County Lawyer for Dependency and Neglect Charges – Protect Your Kids

Imagine that a child reaches up and touches a hot stove. If a teacher, doctor or hospital learns of the accidental injury, they will likely call the Douglas County Department of Social Services. This call stems from a fear that as a mandatory reporter, they must report all actual and potential child abuse. With a child abuse law written very broadly, nearly every injury to a child must be reported. Once reported, DHS will file a Dependency and Neglect case with the District Court. Loss of parental rights is a possible outcome to these often unnecessary legal proceedings. As a result, parents experience tremendous stress from normal childhood injuries. Review an Overview of a Dependency and Neglect Case.

Loss of Parental Rights in Jefferson County – A Colorado Lawyer Explains the Risk to Your Family

We all hate governmental intrusion into our lives. Yet, Colorado lawmakers are terrified of being labeled unfriendly to child protection and have voted in strict laws we really don’t need. From judges to county attorneys, social services to police, everyone in government fears for their job security if they don’t take all possible measures to protect a child. That includes opening a Golden and Jefferson County Dependency and Neglect case if the law allows. Their concern is that if they don’t file a case, and the child ends up being hurt again in the future, they may make headline news and lose their job. The best protection for their career is to run every case through the system, even if they know good parents are involved. In some cases, if parents seem unwilling or unable to do what social services wants, the Department of Social Services will petition the court to take away the parental rights of the injured child’s parents. This outcome is almost always unnecessary, yet the government uses this law to scare parents into compliance with their wishes. Those wishes are not always reasonable and in many cases reinjure a child. This time though, the injury was preventable. Foster care causes such an injury.

Foster Care for Children from a Dependency and Neglect Case in Adams County

Another big stick the Adams County Social Services wields is putting your child into foster care. Foster care is used way too often, since family and friends generally offer an alternative placement for kids while the court sorts out the incident which posed a risk to the child’s life or health. Yet, social services will default to putting kids into the foster care system unnecessarily, in order to protect their job security. Their fear is that family or friends might pose a risk to the kids. If a child is injured again while with these friends or family, social services fears possible criticism. So, until the new household is cleared through a background check and a home safety study, kids are taken from secure households and placed with strangers. No one in government cares that the kids experience certain emotional harm and trauma through this abrupt process. The “protectors” once again put their self-interest first, and the child’s welfare second.

When your children have been taken from their safe homes and placed in a foster care system which poses more risk to their safety than being at home where you have always cared for them, you need a Dependency and Neglect attorney familiar with the Colorado child welfare system. We know what motivates everyone involved. While these motivations are not pretty, we can use this knowledge in your defense. For over 25 years, our law firm has been caring for kids and their families. Let us help you. Come in for a free meeting with a lawyer who cares for your child and their parents. Call us at 303-731-0719 today. Together, we can protect your family’s future.

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