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Introducing Contraband Into Jail Colorado Lawyer, C.R.S. 18-8-203 | Items Which are Contraband

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Introducing Contraband Attorney for the Arapahoe County Jail and the Douglas County Jail

If you try and mail or otherwise sneak in a prohibited item to the Arapahoe County Jail or the Douglas County Jail, you will be charged in court with Introducing Contraband in the first or second degree. In Aurora, Centennial, Littleton or Castle Rock, this crime can be charged in two distinct ways: First Degree Introduction of Contraband is a class 4 felony, and Second Degree Introduction of Contraband is a class 6 felony. Which of these charges you get depends on the item the defendant was trying to get into the jail or prison. Remember, someone can be charged with Introduction of Contraband for mailing a prohibited item, handing it off during a visit, or tossing something over a fence.

Introducing Contraband into a Detention Facility – The Denver County Jail

The definition of a detention facility is any place where an inmate is likely to be held. Even a police car is included. This definition matters because the district attorney will seek to expand it to mean some places we don’t normally think someone could be in custody or held under arrest. Imagine for example, that someone is brought to a hospital for treatment, and while there, they grab an item and try to sneak it back into the Denver County Jail. If they are caught, they would be facing Introducing Contraband charges.

Contraband Examples at the Jefferson County Jail in Golden, Colorado

Here is a sample of some items which are considered contraband in the Jefferson County Jail, under Colorado statutes. Note that this list does not just include items which are dangerous or illegal on the outside of jail. An item as legal as a postage stamp can be considered contraband in a detention facility.

First Degree Introducing Contraband Sample Items:

  • Dangerous Instruments, such as firearms, knives, explosives, and poison
  • Any item capable of inducing or causing fear of death or bodily injury
  • Liquor or Beer
  • Controlled Substances (drugs)
  • Marijuana – or Marijuana concentrates

Second Degree Introducing Contraband Sample Items:

  • Keys, or key pattern, or lock pick
  • Tools that can be used to cut a fence or wire, or used to dig
  • Money or coins – U.S. or foreign currency
  • Uncancelled postage stamps
  • Masks, wigs, disguises or objects that can alter normal physical appearance
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Pornography (obscene material)
  • Anything that may pose a threat to security not listed in Contraband in the First Degree
  • Cell phones, pagers, computers, etc.
  • Identification card
  • Matches or other combustible material
  • Drugs which are not controlled substances
  • Chain, rope or ladder
  • Anything which might pose a threat to the detention facility (if notice is provided)

Attorney for Introducing Contraband in the First Degree in Adams County – C.R.S. 18-8-203

Here is the definition of Introducing Contraband in the 1st Degree – C.R.S. 18-8-203 – in the Adams County Jail:

A person commits introducing contraband in the first degree if he or she knowingly and unlawfully:

(1)(a) Introduces or attempts to introduce a dangerous instrument, malt, vinous, or spirituous liquor, as defined in section 12-47-103, C.R.S., fermented malt beverage, as defined in section 12-46-103, C.R.S., controlled substance, as defined in section 18-18-102 (5), or marijuana or marijuana concentrate, as defined in section 27-80-203 (15) and (16), C.R.S., into a detention facility or at any location where an inmate is or is likely to be located, while the inmate is in the custody and under the jurisdiction of a political subdivision of the state of Colorado or the department of corrections, but not on parole; or

(b) Being a person confined in a detention facility, makes any dangerous instrument, controlled substance, marijuana or marijuana concentrate, or alcohol.

Introducing Contraband in the 1st Degree involves attempting or actually brining any prohibited items into a jail or prison facility. The severity of the item is what separates 1st and 2nd Degree Introducing Contraband, in Colorado. This crime is a class 4 felony. So you are not accidently charged, be careful what you send to your friend or loved one in custody.

Introducing Contraband in the Second Degree Attorney in El Paso County and Pueblo County – C.R.S. 18-8-204

Introducing Contraband in the 2nd Degree in El Paso County and Pueblo County can be charged if you attempt to bring any of the prohibited items listed above into a jail, prison, or other detention facility. Even a juvenile detention facility qualifies. The items covered by Second Degree Introducing Contraband are not as dangerous as those on the First Degree list, but they can still pose a security risk, or be dangerous to the health and welfare of inmates.

Our lawyers aggressively fight for our clients charged with Introduction of Contraband in Colorado Courts. Never give a statement to police or jail officials if you are stopped and suspect you might be charged. Even a simple statement can land you in prison alongside your friend. Instead, call our criminal defense lawyers 24/7 at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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