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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Jury Trial Lawyer in Denver and Jefferson County

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Jury Trial Attorney – Jefferson County and Denver Plea Bargain or Let the Jury Decide?

Whether you should go to jury trial or not is sometimes a difficult decision in Denver and Jefferson County cities of Lakewood, Littleton and Arvada. If the police and DA have a lot of evidence against you which the jury will hear, you need to settle by taking a plea bargain. That only makes sense. In other cases though, it will be a hard decision because the government will have some evidence you committed a crime, but you can counter this with evidence of your own. Let’s look at these two situations and hopefully you will be better prepared to decide how to handle your jury trial decision.


Plea Bargain in Arapahoe County as the Better Option? When Evidence is Strong, it is Best to Settle Your Criminal Case

Why go to trial in Arapahoe County if the government has witness statements from independent witnesses that you started a bar fight? What if the District Attorney has a bystander who saw you run the red light just before the car crash? What if the police have a video of you walking out of the store with a TV in your cart just before store employees chased you down? In each of these cases, it is best to plea bargain. A plea bargain is a good idea if you are about to be convicted and the plea offer means less time in jail, a less serious crime convicted (a felony down to a misdemeanor, for example), or the chance to get your record clean if you do all you are supposed to do while on probation.  Defense attorneys know how to get the best plea deal from the District Attorney, so call and talk with one of our Aurora and Centennial criminal lawyers.

Jury Trial in Adams County and Douglas County – When You Have a Good Chance of Winning

If the plea offer is not that great, or if you have good evidence of winning your Douglas County Jury trial, it makes sense to go to trial. Get a jury and present your evidence. Generally speaking, the better your case, the better the plea offer will be. The worse your defense, the worst the plea offer will be. It is a no brainer to take your case to an Adams County jury trial if you have a strong case and the government has a weak case. Yes, juries do strange things, but why plead guilty if you have a good chance of winning? In some cases, younger DA’s will make a bad plea offer and you don’t have much to lose by going to trial. I remember telling a DA that her offer was about the same that my client would get if he went to trial and LOST. So, we set the case for trial. Later that same day, she called back and agreed to my plea offer suggestion.  Why judges hate jury trials.

Only an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer can give you a good idea whether you should go to trial or not. Even if you are innocent – why go to trial if it is likely you will lose? Call us and we can meet to talk about your case. Once you hire us, we will review all the police reports and evidence, and tell you our advice. Call our criminal defense lawyers at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.