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Obstruction of Telephone Service in Arapahoe County – A Lawyer’s Advice

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Attorney for Obstruction of Telephone Service in Douglas County

Colorado law provides that if you interfere with the sending or receiving of a phone call, you can be charged with a misdemeanor crime called Obstruction of Telephone Services. Obstructing a phone call is seen as a big deal because someone might need to call for helt – from you – and you are preventing them from getting help. The alleged victim accusing you does not need to be calling the police. They can be calling anyone and for any purpose. So, if your girlfriend is trying to send a picture of you on the toilet, without your permission, to her girlfriend, and you knock the phone out of her hand, you have just committed a class 1 misdemeanor. Worse yet, it would be a domestic violence in Douglas County. Laws are written way too loose when this and a ton of other conduct like it becomes a crime.

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Definition of Obstruction of Telephone Services in Denver:

C.R.S. 18-9-306.5(1) C.R.S. states that a person commits obstruction of telephone or telegraph service if:

“the person knowingly prevents, obstructs, or delays, by any means whatsoever, the sending, transmission, conveyance, or delivery in this state of any message, communication, or report by or through any telegraph or telephone line, wire, cable, or other facility or any cordless, wireless, electronic, mechanical, or other device.”

Possible penalties for this class one misdemeanor include:

  • 6 – 18 months in jail, and/or
  • A fine of $500-$5,000.

As mentioned above, if this crime is alleged to involve a boyfriend or girlfriend, you will be charged with Domestic Violence, and may lose your right to EVER again possess a gun, rifle or shotgun.  Read about Domestic Violence Obstruction of Telephone Service charges.

Obstruction or Obstructing a Phone Call, Text or Facebook Chat in Arvada, Aurora and Brighton

Police have no mercy when someone calls them and reports a crime. They are worried that if they don’t give you a summons or arrest you (even a month after a crime), then they may get into trouble later. So, they enable the drama queens of Colorado who are seeking attention by telling their friends of marginal criminal conduct, then their friends call police to get attention for themselves. If you are dating a drama queen or if your girlfriend had friends who are drama queens, you need to get out of the relationship. Police are too wimpy today to search for the truth and do the right thing. You will end up on jail.

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Domestic Violence Lawyers in Denver and other Colorado Cities

Domestic Violence is a sentence enhancer for any Colorado crime. It is not an independent crime like theft, assault, harassment or burglary. While a DV charge cannot in and of itself send you to prison or the Denver County Jail, it can hurt you. With any domestic violence conviction, you are required to attend a domestic violence evaluation, DV treatment of at least 36 weeks and refrain from ever possession a firearm. This type of conviction for Obstruction or Obstructing telephone service can be a big hit to your future. You need help to get any domestic violence case dismissed, pled down or an acquittal at trial.

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