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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Right to Remain Silent Criminal Lawyer in Denver and Douglas County

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Right to Remain Silent Under the 5th Amendment in Colorado – Always a Good Idea

Your right to remain silent is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Use it. Once you open your mouth, everything you say is admissible at trial. Of course, I have written on this for years, and still 80% of the people I meet with have talked to the police. Why do they do this? Because they struggle with the concept that police are their adversary. They think – AND SO DO YOU – that police will do the right thing and are looking for the truth. This is a fundamental error, which costs many men and women their freedom. No, it does not make you look guilty to be silent. It makes you look smart!  Read more on your Right to Remain Silent.

Denver Police are Not Your Friend – A Denver Criminal Lawyer’s Experience is Proven Repeatedly

Police want convictions. The first person calling them, they feel, is the innocent party. So, when they come to see you, they are not looking at anything the caller – your accuser may have done wrong. They are full-on looking to convict you of something. No, you are not smart enough to talk them out of it. They have a strong bias to supporting their “victim” and arresting the accused. You are the accused.

Confessions Are Admissible in Arapahoe County Courts – An Attorney Explains

The hearsay rule does not apply to statements by the defendant. So, EVERYTHING you say which could possibly hurt you, is admissible at trial. The only thing which is not admissible is something which might be helpful to you (“self serving hearsay” is the name of this ridiculous rule). Any statements to police are essentially a confession. Police in Arapahoe County, Aurora and Centennial will twist, misquote, bend, and lie about anything you say. Don’t trust them. Your trust will result in you sitting in prison or jail wondering how you could have been so naive.

Jefferson County and Adams County Criminal Defense Attorney on Your Right to Remain Silent

As defense attorneys, we must make what occurred fit into a Theory of the Case which supports your innocence. This is very difficult to do once you have opened your mouth. If you keep quiet, we are free to use our full toolbox of theories. If you talk, you take away many of them and it becomes more difficult to defend you. Police know what defense lawyers do and they try to limit what we can later say by asking you questions during an informal interrogation before you hire a criminal defense lawyer. If you don’t talk, you are more likely to walk.  So, keep quiet!

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