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Arson Charges Defense Attorney for Starting a Fire in Denver, Colorado

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Arson Charges Lawyer in Boulder County Relate to Fire and Explosions – Big and Small

Fourth Degree Arson charges were filed recently against two men who were camping and allegedly failed to completely extinguish their fire. The campfire was later whipped by high winds and embers blown to nearby brush which ignited. The fire burned nearly 600 acres in Boulder County. This shows that felony charges can result from negligence related to fire – not just intentionally starting a fire. The biggest concern these men may face is millions of dollars of restitution for the losses caused by the fire.

Fourth Degree Arson Charges – What is 4th Degree Arson and How is it Caused?

Fourth Degree Arson occurs when someone knowingly or recklessly starts or maintains a fire or explosion, and places others in danger of death or serious bodily injury or places any building or occupied structure of another in danger of damage. Since the fire burned 600 acres, took out some buildings, and endangered the lives of many persons, the men are facing a class four felony.

First Degree Arson Lawyer for Arson Charges Involving Intent to Start a Fire in Jefferson County

When someone knowingly sets fire to or causes to be damaged any building or occupied structure of another, they will face charges of First Degree Arson in Jefferson County and Golden. 1st Degree Arson is a class 3 felony and comes from intentional conduct, rather than reckless or negligent conduct. This “on purpose” fire or explosion is very different than most accidental fires. While the men above seem to have met the definition for recklessness, if they tried to put out the fire, and thought they did, I think their conduct would only be negligent – not reckless.  Read more about the differences in Arson charges.

Second Degree Arson Attorney in Arapahoe and Douglas County

Second Degree Arson is a class four felony, and involves starting a fire which destroys or damages property other than a building or home in Arapahoe County and Douglas County. The starting of the fire must be intentional, not merely negligent. Since houses were lost in the fire described above, it would not be an appropriate charge for the two men.

Third Degree Arson Lawyer for Adams County and Weld County Colorado

If you are accused of starting a fire on purpose with the intent to defraud another, you will face 3rd Degree Arson charges in Adams County and Weld County. Usually, the victim of this crime is an insurance company and the home or building or car belongs to the accused, trying to obtain insurance proceeds.

Our Arson defense lawyers travel across Colorado defending men and women accused of starting fires which destroyed or damaged the property of another. Never give a statement to fire investigators or police, but instead remain silent. Then, call us at 303-731-0719 for a meeting to discuss your charges. Together, we can protect your future.

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