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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Denver False Imprisonment Attorney – Blocking a Path May Get You Charged

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Definition of False Imprisonment in Denver, C.R.S. 18-3-303

False Imprisonment in Denver, Colorado is defined under C.R.S. 18-3-303 as:

“Any person who knowingly confines or detains another without the other’s consent and without proper legal authority commits false imprisonment.”

The shocker is how literal and simple this crime can occur. I’d bet many of us have committed this offense without knowing it. You are in an argument and tell your girlfriend or boyfriend to stay in the room to keep talking. You block the door for only a moment. Or, imagine holding a friend who is trying to leave and you don’t want them to leave your house so you lock the deadbolt while you two work out something. In each case, False Imprisonment could be charged.

Arapahoe County Lawyer for False Imprisonment – What is the Class of this Crime?

The class of a crime like False Imprisonment is extremely important. Whether it is a felony or misdemeanor will determine the possible punishment. False Imprisonment in Arapahoe County and Aurora is normally charged as a class 2 misdemeanor. But, if you detain, hold or lock in someone for 12 or more hours, and they allege force or threat of force, you will be charged with a class 5 felony. You could spend up to 3 years in the Department of Corrections. Never speak to police about your charges when they come on scene. It is very difficult to prove you guilty if you remain silent. This type of charge rarely has concrete evidence, so an alert defense attorney can help you win at trial if you don’t give a statement to police.

False Imprisonment Charges in Jefferson County – Get a Defense Attorney’s Help

If you have been charged with False Imprisonment, it is important to find an experienced criminal defense attorney who will begin an investigation immediately. Police fail to speak to many witnesses and just assume your guilt. We can make a difference in your Lakewood, Arvada and Jefferson County allegations of False Imprisonment. We will talk to all of the witnesses, talk with the alleged victim and review the police reports in detail. Call us and begin a first class defense for your future.  Read more about False Imprisonment and When it is Properly Charged.

Domestic Violence and False Imprisonment – They go Together in Adams County

Many charges of False Imprisonment also include Domestic Violence charges. This can impact your firearm and gun rights, your security clearances, and require extensive DV treatment. Keep silent and call our Domestic Violence lawyers. We can show you how to avoid a conviction of this serious charge. Your ex-wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, can label this Domestic Violence but a judge has the final say. We can help establish that your conduct did not occur at all, or that you are overcharged with the Domestic Violence label. Never give in – your life and future are worth the fight.

Douglas County Lawyer for Police Accusations of False Imprisonment – Defend Yourself

Police officers and Sheriff Deputies casually accuse men and women of False Imprisonment in Parker, Elbert County and Castle Rock. Just because you are charged does not mean you are guilty. Your conduct may easily be exempt from these charges – so mount an aggressive defense by calling our lawyer team 24/7. We can even come and visit your loved ones in the Douglas County jail.

Our False Imprisonment lawyers seek to keep your criminal record clean. We also fight over charging you for what happened. We can best help you if you never speak to police officers or sheriff deputies about what happened. Exercise your constitutional right and remain silent. Then, call our attorneys at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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