Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

The Presumption of Innocence, for the Innocent, is Gone in Colorado – Read Why

| Jun 1, 2016 | Presumption of Innocence |

Presumption of Innocence in Denver and Jefferson County – A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Position


My position on Presumption of Innocence for an arrest and Jury Trial: In every way, your Presumption of Innocence is gone in Colorado. From the moment a revenge oriented angry child or ex-spouse calls the police, you will be presumed guilty and arrested. Cops and deputy district attorneys are terrified of criticism for not charging you or for thinking you might be innocent. Plus, they love having more cases. More cases means job security. Statistics of having handled more cases gives police and DAs ammunition to request more funding. Police and deputy DAs are biased in favor of filing criminal charges. They don’t care about the damage they will do to your life and reputation.

Colorado’s Rape Shield Law is a Good Example of Lawmaker Abuse of Innocent People Charged

Sexual Assault allegations, for example, are a great way for revenge seekers to get even. Our state lawmakers are weak and scared of criticism from special interest groups. So, they chip away at the Presumption of Innocence and evidentiary laws designed to protect those who are innnocent and accused. One of the best examples is Colorado’s Rape Shield statute, C.R.S. 18-3-407. It prevents bad conduct of the accuser, such as prior false allegations, from coming before the jury. This type of law and many others reflect the sentiment that the accused is always guilty and the alleged victim is always a “real” victim. This law and many others are acting to shift the burden of proof to the accused to prove she or he is innocent.

Presumption of Innocence in Douglas County is Supposed to Exist

While our constitutions profess to give us the Presumption of Innocence, reality is that those with power to charge us with crimes ignore that presumption. Even judges have a hard time with the concept, as they set a bond of $25,000 – $100,000 for us to get out of jail when we are to be presumed innocent. They allow police to arrest us on the word of an angry spouse alone, as the divorce is filed. As a result, we are presumed guilty and treated as if we are guilty. You must understand that the criminal justice system is stacked against you and only a devoted defense attorney can give you hope.

Innocent People Must be Careful After Being Charged with a Crime in Arapahoe County

Since police can arrest and charge anyone they want, and since deputy district attorneys want to support the police and get more cases for themselves, you must stop fighting the FACT that you were charged. Instead, KEEP QUIET and don’t help the government prosecute you. Next, find a lawyer who has gone through trial on many false allegations cases. You must shop around. Don’t just visit one attorney, meet at least three and question them thoroughly. Next, remember, get the cheapest lawyer and you may get the cheapest defense. There is a huge difference between the lawyer who is the cheapest and one who is priced in the midrange and can better prove you are innocent.

Building a Defense to Criminal Charges in Adams County for the Innocent

Be thorough and work with your experienced criminal defense lawyer to prove you are innocent to your jury. Don’t try and do things on your own, because you can make things worse – like getting rearrested. An example is the guy who calls “friends” and tries to get them to come and testify. The alleged victim and your accuser learn of it and call the DA. The next thing you know you are charged with a felony for Intimidating a Witness or Victim or Tampering with a Witness or Victim. Plus, this conduct can be admitted at your main case trial against you! It is always best to develop a defense strategy with your lawyer and never act without their direction.

Your Presumption of Innocence is important to us. We know how to win criminal cases for the innocent and have a winning record. If charged with a crime of any kind, remain silent, and call the top criminal defense attorneys at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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