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What is an At Large Arrest Warrant, State Arrest Warrant and Search Warrant

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In many Colorado counties like Jefferson County and Arapahoe County, courts and district attorneys have different names for different types of warrants.  They have arrest warrants and search warrants.  Next, the arrest warrants are classfied as either a State Charge Warrant or an At Large Warrant.

State Charge Arrest Warrant

A State Charge Arrest warrant

At Large Arrest Warrant

An At Large Arrest Warrant designates a person charged with a crime who has left the boundaries of Colorado or another state.  This can be the same as a fugative warrant.

Fugitive Warrant

A fugative warrant is generally known to mean an arrest warrant seeking someone who is wanted in another state, or someone wanted after failing to appear in a Colorado court.  This type of warrant can seem worse than it really is, since many people who have left a state do so without even knowning there is a warrant for their arrest.

Search Warrant

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