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Sexual Assault on a Child Accusations in Arapahoe County, Colorado – Way Too Easy, Way Too Common

| Apr 13, 2016 | Sexual Assault on a Child |

False Accusations of Sexual Assault on a Child Attorney – Motives for the Lie

Police and district attorneys in Arapahoe County have taught teenage girls that if they want to get their mom’s boyfriend or stepdad out of the house, there is no easier way than saying that he touched them sexually and committed Sexual Assault on a Child. Another thing we see a lot is teenagers in Centennial, Littleton and Aurora wanting revenge against a teacher, ex-boyfriend, stepdad, or neighbor. In these cases, police and DAs have told girls they don’t need any proof. Just say he touched them and we will arrest him automatically. He will be kicked out of the house and not allowed to return for any reason. The result of this trend is a ton of jury trials for false allegations of Sexual Assault on a Child and many men in prison who have done nothing wrong.

Why is it so Easy in Douglas County to Allege Sexual Assault on a Child?

It is easy to accuse someone of Sexual Assault on a Child in Douglas County because no physical evidence is needed for the charge. Other crimes require evidence. Consider an assault charge, for example. In that case, you would need some evidence of a bruise, cut or red mark to get someone charged. Just saying “he hit me,” is not enough. A Parker or Castle Rock theft charge would require a missing item. Society is so alarmed by allegations of sex with kids that we accept (and convict) people with no evidence. This is terribly alarming to me as kids are given great power to control and ruin the lives of others they don’t like. I am embarrassed by the willingness of government officials to cooperate in this epidemic. Read more about Sexual Assault false allegations involving kids.

Lawyer for Sexual Assault on a Child, Position of Trust, in Denver – Is Experience Enough?

After 25 years taking cases like Sexual Assault on a Child, Position of Trust charges to trial in Denver, I’ve learned that experience is not enough. A criminal defense attorney in Denver needs to have an understanding of the motives behind kids making these allegations. Next, the lawyer needs to drive hard to find the motive in each particular case. Finally, illustrating the motive for a jury is essential. Only with these qualifications can you be set from false allegations of Sexual Assault on a Child.

What is the Sentence for Sexual Assault on a Child in Adams County, Colorado? What is an Indeterminate Sentence

Sadly, bowing to pressure from women’s rights groups and child advocacy people, Colorado’s legislature has passed laws making a Sexual Assault on a Child conviction a mandatory lifetime in prison count. Even when the allegation is simple touch, and no penetration, judges in Adams County are required to impose this lifetime imprisonment, also known as an indeterminate sentence. With an indeterminate sentence, the parole board – not a judge, decides when a person is eligible for parole and release from D.O.C., or the Department of Corrections.

Who is the Best Lawyer in Jefferson County for a Sexual Assault on a Child Charge?

There are many great lawyers for accusations of Sexual Assault on a Child, Pattern, throughout Jefferson County. I encourage you to interview several lawyers, including those at our office. Since your life is at stake, shop around. Find someone who believes in you, your story, and who is devoted to proving your innocence. You need an experienced lawyer in Arvada, Lakewood or Park County with a passion for fighting this type of crime. Not every lawyer has this passion. Some are quick to plea bargain your case and label you a sex offender. Call us, call our competition, and find the best Sexual Assault on a Child lawyer for you.

Never give a statement to police, who are trained to get confessions and evidence to use against you. Instead, call our Sexual Assault on a Child attorneys 24/7 at 303-731-0719 today. Together, we can protect your future.

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