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Denver Violation of a Protection Order Attorney, C.R.S. 18-6-803.5

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Protection Orders are the Same as Restraining Orders in Jefferson County

A Protection Order can instantly change the life the restrained party in Lakewood or Jefferson County. Protection Orders are also known as Restraining Orders, Civil Protection Orders, and Mandatory Protection Orders. Mandatory Protection Orders, C.R.S. 18-1-1001, are issued in some criminal cases as a condition of the defendant’s bond and will remain in effect until the final disposition of the criminal case. But no matter what type of Protection Order is issued in Douglas County, most of the features are the same and if the restrained party is caught violating the order, there are serious consequences.  Read about the penalty and sentence for violation of a protection order.

Mandatory Protection Order Violations – More Trouble for the Accused in Arapahoe County

If a person is issued a Mandatory Protection Order in Aurora or Littleton as a condition of bond, he or she will be provided with a list of conditions. Violating the terms of a Protection Order usually results in the revocation of bond which in turn results in a stay in jail until the underlying case is resolved. It may also result in a new class 1 misdemeanor charged in Arapahoe County for Violation of a Protection Order with more time and money being spent by the defendant. I have defended several clients in the past that did not take the Mandatory Protection Order seriously enough and caused more trouble for themselves. Treat them seriously because judges do.

Civil Protection Order Violations Become Criminal Issues in Douglas and Denver County

Although Civil Protection Orders are issued in Douglas and Denver County in civil court, if a restrained party violates the terms of the order she may be charged with a criminal class 2 misdemeanor. We often see good people charged with this crime when they make contact with a protected party for seemingly great reasons, like checking on the welfare of their children, trying to retrieve personal property, or sending an apology. However, if the police are called the restrained party is always assumed to be guilty and will be arrested. We advise our clients to never contact the protected person unless they have been given permission to do so by the court. The protected party / Petitioner cannot give you permission to make contact with them.

Easy to Violate an Adams County Protection Order in Brighton, Colorado

If you are a restrained party in Adams County or Commerce City, you should know that you can be charged with violating a protection order by asking someone else to contact the other party for you. Even if you don’t try to contact the protected person yourself. From another angle, you can be charged if you possess or attempt to possess a fire arm, or purchase ammunition. I have heard of cases where many years have gone by since a protection order was issued and where people have run into each other by accident. If the protected party calls the police the restrained party will be arrested. There are ways to protect yourself from this happening to you, but if it does, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side.

Denver Metro Area Criminal Defense Attorneys are Ready to Help

If you are accused of Violation of a Protection Order in Denver you should not make any statements to the police. Instead, you should politely tell them you want to talk with an attorney and contact the O’Malley Law Office, P.C. right away at 303-731-0719. Together we can protect your future.

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