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Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles Hearing – DMV Denver Lawyer

| Apr 1, 2016 | Department of Motor Vehicles |

DMV Hearings for Driver License Suspension or Revocation

In many cases, people in Denver, Adams County and across Colorado receive a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles telling them that their driver’s license is about to be suspended or revoked. This requires a hearing at the DMV to understand and challenge the reason for the revocation or suspension. At this DMV Hearing, your traffic criminal defense lawyer can challenge the reasons offered by the government and try to keep your license in effect. Being the subject of a revocation hearing is no fun, since a Colorado driver’s license is essential to get to work, school, and medical appointments. Driving is essential to our way of life. If you value your Colorado driver’s license, you must get a lawyer to defend you against the State of Colorado who is trying to take away your license.

The Douglas County Lawyer’s Difference Between Revocation and Suspension of a Colorado Driver’s License?

Revocation means that a driver’s license is cancelled and cannot be reissued by the Douglas County DMV. It is more permanent than a suspension of a Colorado driver’s license. You will usually be required to retest for a driver’s license for both the written portion and the driving portion. You are generally revoked for more serious driving problems, like a vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident, hit and run, or eluding.

A suspension of your Colorado driver’s license in Highland’s Ranch and Castle Rock is a temporary loss of your driving privilege. It does not void the license like a revocation does. A license can be reinstated after a suspension privilege has been cured. The failure to pay a speeding ticket, for example, might result in your Colorado driver’s license suspension.

Reinstatement of Your Arapahoe County Colorado Driver’s License at the Department of Motor Vehicles

This can occur after the underlying revocation period has expired or the cause of your suspension has been cured (like paying your insurance, SR22 or other state’s tickets). Usually, there is a reinstatement fee and the costs to cure your underlying problem – like fines, court costs, and a reinstatement fee. In some cases, you will be required to take classes or tests to drive again.

Probationary License or Red License from a DMV Hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles – How do you Qualify?

A Red license, or Probationary driver’s license, is a temporary driver’s license which is given to men and women who lose their regular license based on excessive points, after their DMV Hearing. It is good for a specific amount of time, and generally has limitations on how you can use it – like for work or school. If you are stopped by police, they will check to be sure you are not using your probationary license for an unauthorized purpose. When using your probationary license, there will be a condition that you not receive any moving violation tickets. A ticket while using this special license will result in its cancellation. Plus, you will be required to obtain an SR-22 once you get your privilege to drive back. You cannot get a probationary drivers license for a commercial vehicle.

DMV Hearing Letter Jefferson County – Don’t Let the 7 Day Notice Expire

The DMV sends out a Notice of Revocation for a ton of different reasons. Yet they all result in the loss of your driver’s license. These notices generally have a seven day expiration and you must act within 7 days to request your DMV hearing in Lakewood, Golden or Arvada. Call the DMV lawyers at the O’Malley Law Office 24/7 at 303-731-0719 today. We can keep you driving and protect your future.

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