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Photo Of Kyle B. Sawyer

Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Top Criminal Defense Lawyers Who Win Cases – How Twenty-Five Years’ Experience Matters

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Lawyers Winning Criminal Cases in Denver, the Metro Area and all of Colorado

With our lawyers having over 25 years experience in Denver and all of Colorado, we have learned what police and District Attorneys don’t want you to know: They have motives for all they do; They don’t prepare well; They get lazy; They believe blindly in what their victims say to the point they don’t examine the evidence well. We bring this all together as we put this experience to work for you – giving you the best defense possible under the United States and Colorado Constitutions. We win cases because we go the extra mile for you.  Meet our Criminal Defense Attorneys.

How to Win a Criminal Defense Case – A Lawyer’s Perspective in Douglas County

Keeping your mouth shut is #1. Anything you say, will be used against you at trial. A silent arrestee is usually a “not guilty” defendant at trial. For some crazy reason, our clients often think the police are their friend and talk with them. They hope to talk their way out of charges and only make it worse. They forget that the police get promotions and pay raises based on who they convict – not who gets off. We have spoken with police officers who laugh at defendants who talk when the officers give them a chance to “tell their version of what happened.” It is the oldest trick in the book and it keeps working!

Next, get a lawyer and get a strategy to win. Once you and your attorney figure out what your strategy or theory is, you have a game plan. All you do after that is gather the pieces of admissible evidence and plug them in. Sure, the government will counter every move, but that is part of the plan – have a strategy which is hard for them to attack. Trust your defense lawyer about what plan will “sell” to a jury and which ones won’t.

Finally – implement the plan at trial in Jefferson County. A good criminal defense lawyer will subpoena people and documents which help your case. This is part of a good plan. At trial, we call witnesses and present evidence to the jury under the umbrella that the government has the burden of proof and they must PROVE their case – not just that you might have committed the crime. Voir dire, opening statements, witness questions, cross examination and closing argument all need to be tied together under the same theory of your case. We defend your rights under this comprehensive plan, and when it all comes together, we win cases.

Investigation of a Criminal Case by Your Lawyer in Arapahoe County

We often gain the advantage by personally visiting the crime scene. District Attorneys get lazy and don’t go in all but homicide cases. We win because we have perspective when the DA is lost at trial. They have not spoken with witnesses, taken pictures, or seen the scene. For 25 years, our lawyers investigate their own cases with the help of private investigators. We have strategies and techniques which leave the government behind. We go the extra mile and it matters in close cases.  Do you want a Cheap Lawyer?

Exhibits in the Courtroom Become Exhibits in the Jury Deliberation Room – Adams County

Would you like to be in the jury room talking to the jury while they deliberate? We know the best way to do this is to get evidence admitted for the jury to take with them during deliberations in an Adams County Courtroom. This way, your case is literally speaking to the jury while they are debating the facts. Your summary of your theory of the case is right there before them. The district attorney’s arguments and theory is quickly forgotten, as jury members pick up and consider your version of what happened. Whether it be a video with a favorable angle of the crime scene or a giant picture of your injuries, we fight to win and we do!

If you like what we do, make us your criminal defense lawyer. Your life is worth too much to skimp on who you hire. Call the best criminal defense lawyers 24/7 at 303-731-0719. Join us in building a solid defense through trial and jury deliberations. Together, we can protect your future and be at your side when your jury says “not guilty”.

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