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Charged With A Crime? It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.

Indecent Exposure Lawyer – Denver Criminal Attorney

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Indecent Exposure is Defensible – A Lawyer Explains

Indecent Exposure in Denver is a defensible crime. Plain and simple, not every person accused of this crime is guilty. Nor can the government prove their case in each instance. Generally, there is no physical evidence. Knowing whether or not your charges should go to trial, or plea bargain, is what a good criminal defense lawyer can do for you. Never make statements to police or waive your fifth amendment right to remain silent. This will increase your odds of success.  Read about Indecent Exposure vs. Public Indecency.

Should I Plea Bargain This Indecent Exposure Charge in Arapahoe County or Not?

Plea bargaining a crime like Indecent Exposure involves saying you are guilty to a reduced charge, or the same charge with sentencing benefits. Benefits can include pleading guilty to something less harmful to your reputation. For example, the crime of Public Indecency is not a sexual offense which requires sex offender treatment with the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB), and registration. Avoiding sex offender treatment which is strenuous and costly, can change your life for the better and remove the likelihood of jail. Staying off the sex offender registry is a huge plus too, as your name is not publicly advertised as a sex offender.

What is the Lawyer’s Definition of Indecent Exposure in Douglas County, Colorado?

Being accused of Indecent Exposure and the related charges can be difficult to deal with. The definition of this sex crime and its terms are vague and open for interpretation. Join me in taking a closer look at the statute, C.R.S. 18-7-302. Men and women commits the crime of Indecent Exposure if the government can prove that they:

· Knowingly exposed their genitals to the view of any person, in a way which is likely to cause affront or alarm, and the intent is to arouse or satisfy the sexual desire of any person;

· Knowingly performed an act of masturbation in a public place, in a way which is likely to cause affront or alarm.

This second part of the statute is the most commonly charged. In the event you feel compelled to masturbate, don’t take the risk of doing it in public. Huge consequences result. This is never a smart way to satisfy your sexual needs. At other times, we see Indecent Exposure charged in Parker or Castle Rock when men or women are drunk and acting crazy due to intoxication. Due to drinking too much, they don’t realize the broad consequences of this crime.

Don’t be Too Quick to Settle or Plea Bargain a Jefferson County Indecent Exposure Charge

It is easy to forget that Indecent Exposure charges are serious and accept a plea deal in order to get out of jail. This is never a good idea. Indecent Exposure is a sex offense, and that means you will be given the label as a sex offender. Upon conviction, you will be required to do two things:

· Sex Offender Treatment at an SOMB Provider. You will have to complete sex offender treatment from the SOMB. As part of this treatment, you will be held to the same standards as rapists and people who have committed more violent acts. Every part of your life will be scrutinized.

· Complete Sex Offender Registration: Registered sex offenders are put on web sites and unable to find a job, or rent an apartment. You can’t live near a school, park or other place where kids many be found.

Accused of Indecent Exposure in Adams County or Brighton, Get Help Fast

Whether in Northglenn, Westminster or anywhere in Adams County, when facing Indecent Exposure accusations, don’t do anything permanent without the assistance of a full time criminal defense lawyer. The consequences of a plea are just too great. Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation, ISP, registration and treatment are too severe. Be smart and call an experienced sex crimes defense attorney in Adams County at 303-731-0719. Together, we can protect your future.

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